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Why do you think more atheists agree with un-restricted abortion on demand?

..compared to others?

Why do you think this is so, and if you are an atheist, at what point to you believe it is wrong, regardless of the law, to kill?

(I'm an atheist..... , unfortunately, this has to be pointed out to some who do not answer the question and turn it around with assumptions about those who pose the question)


Sho-Nuff Nolte, well then, those particular people would have to be pretty ignorant considering the evidence.

Update 2:

Vehement chemical, Well, then it would depend on at what time you were to get the abortion, if those atheists were informed about at what time the Fetus felt pain, (conservatively, about 20 weeks), would that change their mind?

Update 3:

Icarus: I'd have to say it would be a pretty lame uninformed atheist who looked at an 18 week old fetus as an "undiffereniated bunch of cells", I mean, we do have the study of fetology now, at some point, it obviously becomes unethical, if an atheist even believed in ethics, that is.

Update 4:

Blackacre: Give me a for instance where you DON'T believe in unrestricted abortion on demand, because you obviously do,

I think you just don't like the 'sound' of it, though it's exactly what you DO believe.

The point of so called "viability" is what is law, 28 weeks, or about seven months pregnant. Though, lol, we all know babies who live who were born prematurely at around that time.

If your only restriction is the current law, you essentially believe in unrestricted abortion on demand.

Update 5:

Blackacre: in the sixth month, they can induce labor, and take the chances the baby will survive prematurely.

There is ZERO evidence you have to KILL the baby at this late of a stage in order to save the mothers life.

Ending the pregnancy by inducing labor is the cure, not killing the baby.

If you have any proof or can describe to me how they kill the baby a special way and get it out a certain way in order to save the mother's life will be interesting to hear.

Update 6:

Blue Octagon: I agree with your opinions, I also believe it should be restricted to the first trimester,

though it sounds unfair, it is still the truth you are killing something,

that something is far more ethical to kill within this time frame where it really IS for the first two months undifferenciated cells, even with a beating heart. Which is very sad, and it is killing, though we know there is sometimes an unfortunate necessity for it, it is far more ethical at that time.

Update 7:

drampor: I have to say, even though I'm an atheist, I find your veiws sickening and offensive.

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    Atheists do not believe that they have to answer for the death of the unborn after death.

    The Bible makes it clear that the unborn child is a life. The atheist does not believe the Bible, so they can make up their moral stance as is convenient to the needs of society as they see it pertains in the current climate.

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    I am Agnostic and Humanist and I strongly appose abortion.

    I believe people need to take responsibility for their actions especially WOMEN!

    Women love to say all kinds of things about a real man, well a real women knows how to keep her freaking legs closed or how to take a pill and how to make a man wear a condom.

    With the birth control technology society has, there is NO excuse for unwanted pregnancies.

    Just because it is not illegal doesn't mean it is not dispicable.

    If a women had the insane desire to get pregnant in order to remove a 1 month old fetus that she considers just a "bunch of cells" and do so only to feed that fetus to her dog because it is something she wants to do... Would that be legal?

    Well why not? It's her body right? It's not a LIFE right?

    Well it is not allowed because of the people who have respect for life won't allow it!!!

    You don't have to be religious or even a belief in God to have respect for LIFE!

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    When you have had a child (my daughter is two months old) you could never consider killing a baby as being a good thing. It is simply murder but I agree on compromising and allowing abotions in the first trimester. Babies have been born at four months and lived.

    As you get older you learn that not everything that seems harmless is really harmless. People are hurt and society is damaged by the killing of the unborn. Also as you get older and wiser you find God and start to understand his ways.

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    a million) Abortion is usually a call. somebody owns it. The uncommon circumstances of abortion being a necessity are few and lots between... except you detect the main appropriate expert. Like, shockingly adequate, a doctor who supplies abortions or a complicit and biased psychological well being expert. 2) Abortion is start administration. you're ending a being pregnant... for even though reason you are going to be able to assert. 3) Infertile human beings (women folk).... don't have abortions (is how that assertion ends). 4) Disabilities shown on test... may well be incorrect. Does the call Tim Tebow strike a chord? you comprehend what's atypical? I artwork interior the psychological well being field... heavily populated by potential of progressives who have faith abortion is a sacred cow. those are the comparable people who without problems settle for (and shield) investment for offering amenities to (ask your self!) those with developmental disabilities. i assume all existence has fee... whilst it is your bread and butter. 5) economic problems: CONDOMS ARE loose. And, sure, i comprehend they are not fullproof. It in basic terms seems abortion as start administration is oftentimes the respond to an preliminary loss of duty. and that i don't have faith the familiar populatioin could perpetuate a welfare state, yet eugenics isn't the respond. 6) information: Margaret Sanger's conflict on the brown races has been somewhat helpful. it is surely shameful and that i don't care what psychological gymnastics you work together in, abortion proponents interior the U.S. initially targetted human beings of coloration and function succeeded in making blacks the main statistically companies demographic to abort interior the U.S. Now it fairly is present day! good or incorrect, it fairly is criminal. i think abortion is gruesome, even however that's a variety of human behaviors you are able to not legislate or pray away. i don't have faith it would ever get carry of public investment.... your selection, your bill. I even have faith the decrease off date may be the age of viability. Infantacide could on no account be tolerated. An arbitrary timeline could be set (say as much as 4 a million/2 months) and any action taken and then could be dealt with as homicide... with the mummy and all those in touch charged.

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    I do not support "un-restircted abortion on demand": I believe it is the woman's right to choose up to the point of fetal viability, and I believe abortion must be accessable in cases where the mother's life is in danger from carrying to term.

    Re: additional details: if pain is going to be the operative issue, then do you abort or not if you discover in the 6th month that carying to term will kill the mother?

    Based upon your additional details, I'm curious: how do you feel about "morning after" abortion pills?

    Certainly, I can give an example of when I do not believe in abortion: the point of fetal viability. Why do you feel that I believe in unrestricted abortion on demand when I very clearly stated the restriction in the first part of my answer?

    Re: more additional details: I'm neither an obstetrician nor surgeon, so I have never claimed to know how or under what circumstances to remove a baby prematurely. This is why I believe in allowing abortion up to the point of fetal viability or to protect or save the life of the mother. This allows the qualified professional to make the call within legal parameters. Why do you expect me to present a field guide to specific abortion simulations?

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    Not being an atheist, I can't answer your question with any degree of certainty. I would guess it is because atheists may see themselves as defining their own morals, rather than being guided by absolutes like, "Thou shalt not kill." I would like to point out, however, that there are groups of pro-life atheists. See, for example,

    I have to take issue with your assertion that the fetus is simply "undifferentiated cells" with a heartbeat in the first two months of pregnancy. As you know, the heart does start beating just 3 weeks after conception. Virtually no surgical abortions are committed before 6-7 weeks, by which point the baby has recordable brain waves and tiny fingers. By 8 weeks after conception, the child is fully-formed, with all her organs functioning. She can suck her thumb. (Do "undifferentiated cells" suck their thumb?) If her cheek is stroked, she will turn her head. If her palm is pricked, she will open her mouth and pull her hand away. Please take a look at this information:

    Medically Speaking, When Does Life Begin?

    Photos and Video of Abortions, Including Early 1st Trimester Abortions:

    Photos and Facts About Prenatal Development:

    Pro-Life Answers to “Pro-Choice” Arguments:

    A Comparison of Abortion and Other Historical Genocides:

    Logically, it would seem to me that if an atheist is against killing innocent human beings outside the womb, he or she should also be against killing innocent human beings inside the womb. Does our environment (or size, or development, or degree of dependence) determine our right to live? If so, is it more wrong to kill an adult man than a newborn girl in an incubator because the baby is smaller, less developed, and completely dependent on her caregivers and environment? There should be consistency in our morality.

    Thanks for posting the interesting question.

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    I don't know. I know several atheists who are anti-choice...

    In attempt to answer your question, I assume that atheists who are pro-choice in regards to abortion understand the social necessity of it being legal for women. From my experience, atheists also tend to be very concerned about preserving our civil rights.

    My personal opinion of elective abortion is that it shouldn't be an option after the first trimester of the pregnancy. Before this point, I think it is unfair to say that the pregnancy is being "killed." I also think we are doing a disservice to the women of our country by not working to make elective abortions unnecessary--we need to make birth control and health care less expensive and more readily accessible, improve sex education, provide better services to low-income women and families, etc. (sorry, that's my little soap-box).

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    Most atheists are better educated and aren't hindered by doctrine that reflects sentiments set forth from a spiritual authority when coming to a rationalization. I am not an atheist yet I can think of no point when one is being regardless of the law that it is wrong to kill, it is only through instilled morality that killing is abated. It is the law and imposed morality that stops most Folk from killing, killing is our nature and the nature of our planet, from the microbial to the plants and insects all the way up to us.

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    I think an abortion is something that should be left up to the woman that is pregnant. If she does not want the baby then by all means she can do it. I do agree that once the baby can feel (what ever trimester(sp?) that is) then it is kind of late and she should have the baby anyways then give it up.

    Source(s): My thoughts *atheist*
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    Atheists don't believe in souls. They don't think fetuses have neurons to feel pain. They consider the mother a person, and the fetus not one.

    I do not favor abortion because of the emotional damage to the mother. I favor birth control....I'm anti-pregnant.

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