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I'm married with two daughters and I about two months ago I started wearing clear mascara.?

I really like the way it looks, sort of a wet look. I'm wondering if it would look too much if I got a mascara with a little color. I noticed that my wife and daughter's lashes look really pretty when they've done their eyes. Of course I probably wouldn't be able to use it while they are around. So, would a little color be too much?

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    I had to EDIT My Comment.... I looked at your "Questions Asked" and I see that you Polish your Toenails too?? I think you need to ask yourself if you are Gay!

    Not that I am questioning you... and I don't know your Lifestyle- But it seems a Bit weird! I think u should stick with Clear... When u start wearing colored mascara is when u & your Wife will be getting a LOT of Questions!! Unless you guys have a Open relationship- I would stick with the Clear & maybe talk to your WIFE about this!! :D

  • J F
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    Ask yourself at what point you think you'll be satisfied. Will it be enough to just add color, or will you want to start wearing foundation and blush too? If you think this is the start of some new thing that will escalate, then you should talk with your wife about it. It's a behavior trend that she shouldn't find out from a stranger.

    Personally, I think men wearing mascara look pretty strange. Try just curling your lashes with an eye lash curler and then apply the clear. It might give you what you're looking for.

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    Who says men can't wear make up? Is it written some where? Is it a mandate from God? And I bet there are more doing it then let on. I also think it doesn't mean a man is gay, vain maybe, but not necessarily gay. Or maybe you are saying more than this, are you or do you want to be a cross dresser? Don't keep secrets from your wife, that hurts, if she loves you she'll at least try to understand. Do what ever you enjoy -- but if you get color mascara, and it rains, and it runs, you will outed and you know how people will react to you. Sorta like a lot of the people on here.

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    I wonder what the underlying reasons are for you to wear mascara in the first place. Are you feeling left out of your family's lives now that your daughters are getting older? Is this a way for you to feel connected to them? Instead of wearing make up, or changing what you look like, try to find ways to spend time as a family. Eating dinner together, family vacations, asking how their day is, taking an interest in their lives is a much better way to connect than wearing make up like they do.

    As for your specific question, color would definitely be too much. Not only would it likely freak out your kids, it may make those at work think you're a little odd as well.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you in a rock band? If not, then ditch the mascara. If you really like the clear stuff, that's fine, but adding color to your eyes? Hmm, not sure about that.

    Why is it that you like it? Just curious. If you like mascara, the chances of you like eyeshadow is high, too. If that's something you're into, then you need to discuss it with your wife just so everything is out in the open. There's no need for unnecessary stress over make-up, you know?

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    it is commonplace so you may well be feeling this way, i might experience the comparable way besides, yet with marriage comes a universe of thoughts and comments that must be quenched. Now 2 months into the marriage, it remains the honey moon degree. it is not atypical on your husband to desire to objective having babies, in spite of the undeniable fact that it would be weird and wonderful if he pressured you to. that must be no longer top. definitely, you may take a seat with your companion and enable him no longer the type you experience, without belittling him or making him experience unhappy. State what's on your ideas and enable him into the communication, do no longer administration the communication and factor hands. Make it a cushty putting and enable him comprehend what you think of roughly having babies and optimistically he will comprehend and probably arise with different suggestions. solid success, and be solid to a minimum of one yet another!

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    Yes, color would be too much as I don't think men should wear mascara.

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    i agree with you putting on whatever makes you feel good but i disagree with the color... Just keep the nice wet look but dont tell anyone you wear mascara =)

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    Ummm, no offense, but guys aren't supposed to wear make-up...

    Are you jealous of your wife and daughters??

    do they know you wear clear mascara??

    It's one things for guys to get manicures and pedicures to make their hands healthy... but eye make up is a no no!

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    you are a man.....men do not wear mascara period....it's much sexier when the man is not vain and into his own appearance all the time...that applies to girls too...i think girls today wear way to much makeup...ur wanting to wear makeup i find very strange and not masculine and sexy at all

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