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virus again?

anyone can help me how to heal these viruses: virus identified VBS/Redlof and trojan horses dropper.generic. DZD? i used my avg but it cannot healed, it said there's an error "while handling file C:folder htt" something like that. please reply... :(

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    Go to or and use their free virus scanners.

    Then, like spyderfantum said, BUY a good antivirus software like Norton or McAfee. They are much more commited to staying on top of viruses than any free version.

    I've used Norton since I got my first PC and I've NEVER had any virus problems.

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    your first mistake is using AVG, go out and spend the money for Norton 2007 or Live 1 Care. Avg is either, not advanced enough to handle the virus, or damage itself from it. Try quarantining the file, for now untill you can get something better. If the virus has already infected key files now amount of AV software will remove it and you will have to restore

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    That AVG is equal or better than any Norton or Mcaffee. Even the free version. Norton is a huge program Mostly useless stuff on it.

    What you have is a Trogan, and a trogan has "self healing properties" and its logged in Registry. So you need to modify registry to rid of it.

    Go on google and find out how the Geeks get rid of tht particular trogan and follow their instructions in modifying the Registry.

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    Go to CNET.Com and look for the free downloads. Look for the AntiVirus download. Download and use. This program compliments and upgrades AVG. The AntiVir can be set to run like AVG. That is to say that it can run automatically at any time.

    I love this program and it's solution it has provided.

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    You can download a free anti virus/trojan version and remove them

    Check out

    It has good downloads to detect and eliminate virus/trojans

    Best wishes

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    try an online scan

    the link is:

    or try McAffe anti virus plus its the only program worked when mine is infected

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