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What is the best electric shaver I can purchase to shave my (african american male) head?

I am tired of using the the Mach III and other razors to shave my head and would like to know if there is something comparable on the electric side. Thanks

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    get a 4 blade.

    I've used a lot on sensitive skin with a thick beard. The best i've used, the blades seem slightly further apart from each other less clogging less kinking of the honed edge.

    I get rasor burn from most electrics, but those fourblade restore my faith in mans ability to improve his own creations.


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    Gillette made another razor besides the Mach 3. It uses a AAA battery. It would probably work better than the Mach 3. I'm not sure if electric shavers work that well to shave your head. You would probably get a better shave with a razor. I do like the Norelco electric shavers with the three independent blades. You can get one of those foil shavers. They may be slightly cheaper, but they are not as good. They have blades that move from left to right. Sometimes those shavers can cause ingrown hairs or a rash. Try using one of those Norelco electric shavers with the three independent cutting blades. They are great because you don't always have to buy shaving cream, and the blades can last longer than one year. Norelco is good, but I really like Remington more than Norelco. I bought the Remington R-450 this evening. It's rechargeable, and it has titanium-coated blades. I got it for less than $40. The blades will probably last forever because they are coated with titanium.

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