Got asked if I would Like to become a porn star?

I felt a little unconfortable when a strange guy started eyeing me through his camra....i was at the beach. He just came up and asked me if i wanted to come work for the Casting Couch Teens porno flicks company. He gave me his card and i told him i would get back to him.

The hired girls act like they were suppose to come to this house for an audition to be the star on a Corn Flakes commercial and and a guy is like....well, this is really for porn flicks, not corn flakes....and offer the girls 1 million $. Then the have sex on the casing couch. 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Should i do it????


I really don know what i should do! I'm a afraid that i'll get drugged, dragged off to a remote area of the world and sold as a sex slave. WHAT SHOULD I DO??

oh, and **** u snoopy or wat ev the hell ur name is

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