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Will I have any problem with doing sports if I have a nose job?

I like to have a nose job.But I do alot of exercises and i don't want to stop doing sports.Does a nose job have any problem with figure skating?

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    I don't see a correlation between noses and figure skating, unless you're going skating on your nose.

    Just go ahead and do it, if you can afford it. But, only if it looks extremely disgusting. And, there are only a handful of people like that. The rest just do it 'cos they have low self esteem.

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    yeah you'll have a problem!!

    avoid some things for about 6 weeks after the operation..your nose will be very fragile ,remember that it needs about 2 hrs for the operation ..but it will for sure take longer to take the shape and to heel coplitely!its not an easy surgery,and if you are asking about it ,it think you had already check somethings about this surgery!!so i think you know that for 1 week it will be a bit of a hell with pain and discomfort! so are you ready to suffer for nothing??

    dont be afraid to doing the surgery,pain will pass!! but you have to choose whats the most important your nose or the exercise?? its only the first 6 weeks...after you can make what ever youll like!

    hope ill helped

    good luck dear!!

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    I had a nose job once cause a guy hit me and i had to get one. But anyways I was off work for about a month so if you can give things up for that long then go for it!

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