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London with a 3 year old?

Was thinking of a trip to London with my 3 year old daughter. Do you think it's a good idea? Are there many things for children to do? where's the best place to stay? I live in Canada so it will be a long trip, have you ever traveled this far with young kids. We have done long car trips(8hours) and bus trips(10 hours) so she's use to traveling. Also what is the converstion rate from pounds to canadian dollars. Are there cheap B&b's to stay in?Any help or advice would be apprecited. thank-you. you can e-mail me if you wish.


forgot to say it will be for one week in june or possably september

Update 2:

are your summers very hot?

we are not use to hot waether, we live in Newfoundland, Canada and it dosen't get much hotter then 25 C

Update 3:

sorry about my spelling!!

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    I have 5 sisters and we went on a trip with my mum only (my father did not come because he is terrified of flying and the site of an airplane makes him sick) from Greece to the USA we went to Washington DC, Boston and Colorado. At the time I was 15 and I'm the oldest out of all my sisters.

    London is a great City and worth seeing, there are things for young children to take like HAMLEYS the worlds biggest toy store (although will empty you wallet) the Science museum which has free entry and has lots of things to play with for all ages. Like any big City its fast moving and busy but has great places to see like Buckingham palace Big Ben.

    You wont find B&B in the central London buts lots of Hotels check out you can find good hotels there for good value. The Pound is stronger than the Canadian dollar.

    Source(s): Lived in London and studied there
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    Get serious, a 3 y/o dont give a damn

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