Implantation Bleeding?

Do you think this is implantation bleeding? I was on the nuvia ring but haven't put another one in for about 2 months. I was supposed to start my period almost two weeks ago but never did and then today i noticed a very light light pink substance on the tp when i wiped. Not enough to wear a pad or anything. Do you think this is implantation bleeding?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Implantation bleeding usually occurs about 2 weeks after you actually get pregnant. When did you have unprotected sex? If it was a week or two ago, then it could possibly be implantation bleeding. I had my implantation bleeding about 1 1/2 weeks after "it" happened. My bleeding hung around for 1 day and then stopped so it doesn't last very long. Hope this helps and good luck!

    Source(s): self experience
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