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If taking Xanax works for anxiety, what are the dangers of long time usage?

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    Hi there,

    If you've been on it for a long time then problems are addiction and that's not fun, try not to take it all the time and only when you are getting an anxiety attack.

    Plus I am so sure long time use of meds cant be good for you body!

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    When you take too much Xanax you get high and black out. You do things without any memory of what you did. You might just wake up in jail or worse... way worse.

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    Addiction... nu'ff said.

    Most (decent) Doctors won't even prescribe it long term and usually when you change doctors... the first thing they do is ween you off of it slowly because it makes you extremely suicidal if you detox all at once.

    They usually replace it with something else, not addictive. Like Buspar, zoloft, paxil or Wellbutrin? Although they all suck too...

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    we don't know. we are the guinnea pigs for that experiment...

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