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My ex boyfriend wants to get together with me for a night of "fun", he's involved in a relationship

The girlfriend he has now is the one he cheated on me with, should I get even, and sleep with him again?

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    Don't waste your time with him . remind him that theres a reason that he's your ex , and he should of thought about the nights of fun that he had with you before he cheated on you . if you have that need to get revenge suggest he get it on with one of your girlfriends . and throw that in his gf face [ even if your gf doesn't do anything she could still say she did , just for the revenge part of it ]

    or tell him sure , and stand him up and tell the gf that you got together with him

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    I hate to say it, yet your boyfriend is a device. i'm 23 years previous and my female friend is 25. we were relationship for virtually 2 years now and residing jointly for about seventy 5% of that factor. i'd be completely happy with 3-4 circumstances per week, yet because it really is my female friend is in effortless words up for it about a million-2 circumstances per week. from time to time it receives annoying, yet I comprehend she is how she is and that i'd not at all pick to rigidity her into having sex in simple terms because i go with it extra. i love and appreciate her too a lot to address her like that. You ask why you do not pick sex as a lot as you should at your age, yet who's to say even if it really is even genuine? there is not any such element an overall sex rigidity. actually everyone looks diverse. there is not any proper or incorrect. you mustn't sense incorrect or to blame for feeling the way you do. He must be extra expertise. best of success.

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    Do whatever makes you happy. If you sleep with him use protection. You have no clue how many other people he or his girlfriend sleep with. They ovbiously have no qualms about getting around.

    If you want revenge I doubt sleeping with him is going to really phase her. She is probably the kind who would enjoy knowing you still want to sleep with him.

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    No and even if you don't know the saying "two wrongs don't make a right" I think you know it's not a good thing to do.

    Plus, it will mess with your emotions.

    Don't be a part of his messed up modus operandi!

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    I really think that if he wants to get back with you then you need to tell him "if you want to get back with me then you need to break up with the girl you are dating, and if you really want to get back with me then you need to stop cheating on me!" You just got to let him know whos boss. You know? Good luck!


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    No! Then your stopping to her level would you really want to do that? Nothings worth ruinning your dignitty. Why put yourself through the pain?

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    I dint think that is a good idea. You should not fall for what he is telling you to do. You should love more yourself and show him that you dint pick again what you drop..

    good luck!

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    yup. And do all the stuff she won't do. And then send me a tape of it.

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