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Nobody will be friends with me because of my race. What should I do?

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    That's a retarded statement, and you know it. There are people of all races out there, and you're telling NO ONE will be your friend? Come on now.

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    First of all be confident in yourself.

    Remove any negative thoughts. Study what slave mentality is and remove it from the subconscious from yourself and your family and ancestors.

    Hang around the right kind of people. Wrong crowd.

    Work. If at work, is this the right kind of work for you. Check out if this is right career for you. Usually this happens at work, especially a place you don't really want to work. The hurt attitude whether you are really hurt or not and it bounces back on you-victim. You're literally are, but this is how it is done.

    Pray for solution, miracles do happen. My problem was the wrong crowd and wrong place in life-career. Found the right people to hang around. When I found my niche I was home. Get with good loving Christians who love the Lord, not those who are "religion" or Churchhouse oriented. Go with real spiritual ones, who don't push their religion or Christ down your throat.

    Develop interest and find people with same interest as you, such as a http://www/ group or a sport, and volunteer work.

    Be proud of your race and heritage. Others will pick that up and return respect, honor, and like.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    I have been in your situation since I went to a predominately white school. There are people that might say that it is not because of you race but racism is still alive and well and you know that of course because your experiencing right know. My advice to you would be to join some small groups or clubs a t school so you can meet people that you probably wouldn't speak to on a daily basis. I know it my seem a little uncomfortable but, you should aslo make more of an effort to introduce yourself to others and be more outgoing because sometimes it take little time for people to see you for who you really are and not you skin color.

    P.S : Also, When you are in a situation like you are peole are going to percieve as something your not and hold you different stereotypes, but it is important for you to not see yourself as what they see you as. And never put yourself up for sale. e-mail if you need someone to talk to and if you have any questions. Good Luck!

    Source(s): my personal experience.
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    Well there's no way to make anyone be your friend it is their decision. See people get together because they share something and that in most cases are interests. I'm sure they say it's your race what they don't like because they simply don't share your interests so they try to find a better reason.

    I study in a big international place and I live with a guy that comes from Cameroon. I originate from a place where there are no black people so it was much interesting to me. He was the first black person I saw. I listen to metal he listens to hip hop. I wanted to make friends with him but he expressed some concerns about me being a racist who believes in satan because of this sick music I hear all the time. The minute I played him some metal with rap and metal bands with black members as well as christian metal bands he became my friend. We are also very close in our political convictions. That made us really open for one another's cultures.

    Unfortunately he became friends with people from a country that have ethnic and political hate towards my folks and doesn't fancy me anymore. Sometimes he says things that really hurt my feelings and that are undoubtedly the racism of the others. They have a different religion as well and managed to make him hate his Catholic background because as in his words Jesus Christ was white. He is now turning into a very hateful creature.. and I told him I don't want to be his friend anymore "because I'm a ngger!!" he added. I just answered "no because you're stupid" and left.

    Some of you would say.. racism - it's all bad.. I'd say everybody on this planet has the potential to be racist so we should clean the white christian backs of it. I would never ever be open minded with a black person and I would never ever btry to find a close contact with them. I freeze my friendliness but I am not going to be a racist.

    What should you do? DO NOT hate. DO NOT fell for what their worlds are made of. Go and find people with your interests.

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    I doubt it is totally because of your race. You probably are doing something that they dont understand or find annoying.

    I had a student who thought no one would be her friend because she was too nice and didnt fit in. The reality of her situation is that she thought she was being nice but she was actually being kind of rude and too needy and it annoyed people.

    Not all situations are the same though, but I would ask yourself if you are actually acting the way you are expected to act as a friend.

    Liking yourself first and developing self confidence is the first step to making friends. If you like yourself you wont be so needy, and people will be naturally more attracted to being friends with you.

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    racism occurs all around the world and probably in every school there is, but giving up and getting bullied is'nt the right answer to that. Just because u'r from a different race dosen't mean that people start picking on you or ignoring you. . What you have to do is to speak to someone about it (probably a counsler) and get the issue solved

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    This is going to sound very Dr.Phil but, people should like you for who you are inside. Not on the outside. There are people who will be your friend. And not care about your race. Those are the kinds of people that you really want as your friends anyway. Try to be yourself. Don't change to fit in. You will find someone.

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    I am sorry that you can't find friends, but without knowing what race you are I have no idea what to tell you.

    Maybe if you join a group that has the same hobby that you like you might find some there. Good luck.

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    I know how you feel man, Mostly maori's live where i am, and as a european/american, 90% of the people i meet hate me because im a "Thieving white bastard" (Dont ask, maoris and "Pakehas" have always had a bad history together)

    But try hang out with people anyway, if they tell you to F off, talk with them, ask why do they hate (Insert race) dont get mad at them, try to reason with them. if that doesnt work then try find people that are of the same culture as you

    Hope this helps dude

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    Well first of all that is horrible. It astounds me that people are still so racist! I think you should try to talk to them, you know just make some jokes that they'll enjoy or make some small talk! They can't ignore you forever. And if they're still not warming up, forget them, i'm sure someone else will be friends with you! Good luck!!!!!

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