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African American 19 and wants Long healthy hair?

I am 19 years old I want some sugestions of things that have actually worked for people to grow their hair long and healthy. I do get relaxers too... Please help me I really want my hair to grow healthier thicker and longer by the end of this year. Please help me!!!

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    Try taking some Biotin or another great way to have your hair grow faster is by taking prenatal vitamins. Almost a year ago I cut my hair to my ears, and now it's 3 inches below my shoulders.

    I put olive oil in my hair. I rub the oil into my scalp and wrap a warm towel (from the dryer) around my head. I love it. I do it once a month. It leaves my hair shiny and flake free.

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    African American hair is extremely fragile, so you have to treat it with kid gloves. Make sure the relaxers you are using are not too strong for your hair. These chemicals are very damaging, and if not done correctly, will break your hair off. It's best to have your hair relaxed by a proffessional, who knows how to put the relaxer so that it's only on the new growth at the roots and how to carefully not overlap it with the other relaxed hair at the ends. That's an extremely tedious thing to do. Otherwise, your hair will be overprocessed and prone to breakage.

    You may not want to, but keep your ends clipped regularly. If your ends are broken, the damage will spread all the way up your hair and reach your roots, making your hair fall out. Keeping your ends clipped is going to keep your hair strong, and unbroken so that it will grow longer.

    Lots of conditioner. Lot's of moisture, your hair needs oil.

    Oh, and don't use heat on your hair every day. This is very damaging. Instead, wrap it at night, or use rollers, and use a satin wrap or pillow case, it helps keep your hair from breaking off, and helps i retain moisture. Wet sets are good too.

    You are so young, I suggest you at least check out a few books on natural african american hair. Some good ones are "It's all good hair" and "Basic Care for Naturally Textured Hair:: Cultivating Curly, Coily, and Kinky Hair" "Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America"--

    The best, easiest and most healthy way to grow your hair long is without damaging relaxers and heat styling. African American hair will grow long without these, it just doesn't look like straighter, european hair because of the way the hair coils it doesn't look as long. You can be beautiful without straight hair that stretches down your back....And then there are dreadlocks, and these will also grow very long as well.

    Source(s): Lots of research over the past five years along with personal experience.
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    Glam Sam is right! Prenatal vitamins & olive oil help the hair stay healthy. Always make sure to use a deep conditioner after relaxing or coloring your hair, get your ends trimmed every 6 weeks, wrap it up with a satin scarf at night and dont do too much blow drying or straight ironing cuz heat dammages the hair. Good luck!


    Try a few Carol's Daughter products on your hair. The hair honey works great on relaxed hair!

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    I have found that leaving your hair in braids while conditioning ever so often has helped my hair to grow a lot. The longer you leave them in the longer your hair will grow (not the same braids, get them done over every 2 months or so). You will see great results. I also found a website that can help you

    This may sound silly to some of you but, I pray and anoint my hair with olive oil. It works. Olive oil was and is used for many things.

    TRY IT!! God does answer prayers.

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    Wash your hair every wk or 2 with Loreal Thickening or damaged and split ends Sham. & Cond. Deep condition each time as well. That's the key! Use Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise. Once hair is dry use Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil (use it once after every wash) lightly apply. You don't want your hair to be greasy because it will attract dust and makes your hair dirty and flat. Another good product is the Profectiv Mega growth. You can alternate between each time you wash your hair with the two products. You don't want your hair to get too use to a product it won't have the same effect after a while. Limit the use of heat (irons) and roller set at least three times a wk and wrap hair for days you're too tired to set (use silk or satin head wrap)). Relax hair every 2 mths and trim ends each time you relax (use regular instead of super.Motions is good as well as Mizani) Follow this and you will definately achieve longer hair .

  • Trim it every 6 weeks.

    Use coconut oil to make it longer and healthy, its a good moisturizer for you too. Just warm the coconut oil in mircowave and gently massage it in your scalp for about 5-10 minutes daily and put a plastic cap over your hair and sleep with it in and next orning, wash it out. This really helps to grow your hair fast too, it should be longer by June or July. Good luck and any qyestions about coconut oil? Message me. Its a healthy for you too

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    well first it would be helpful if you as a child always had long hair..for me i always had long hair as a child that i people would hate on me..but any way i am now an adult..but i still have long hair and its not s problem to grow..anyway what i do is that i relax my hair at home twice a year..i wash my hair every two weeks and i deep conditon or get a treatment at the salon..i do not get my ends clip like i am suppopsed to..but as long as my hair is healthy..i read in magazines to make deep condtion your best friend..go to a salon and make sure the person doing your hair is well educated and can advise you well..

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    Okay well this sounds weird probably, but hey it worked for me and worked for all of the people that reccomended it to me!!

    Wash you hair with vinegar/or eggs (eww i know,its worth it) that will get your hair very very shiny without having to spend a ton of money on expensive beauty products.

    Cut the ends of your hair every 2 days(for 3 weeks), just the little pieces on the end (after 3 weeks just do it weekly)

    Do not straigten/flatiron it! That causes hair to damage, ends to break, and with broken ends hair takes twice as long to recover, (After about 4 months of doing this treatment you can start flat ironing your hair again)

    alternative hairstyles: Putting you hair in braids, a clip,

    "scrunching it" [get gel/ mousse and a blowdryer, put the mousse/gel on your hands, make a "scruncing motin with your hands, while blowdrying it to keep it in place ::this is just in case you dont know how =].

    Also buy hot oil treatments to use every 2 weeks, theyre prettty cheap, you dont need a REALLY expensive one, just go to your local store, (Target,Sally Hansen Beauty Supply, walmart, Kmart, ect. this will also help improve shine and health of your hair.


    hahaha i know that this seems like alot of work!!

    it was for me to, but in the end its all worth it!

    Good luck..

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    get it treated at least once every 3 months by a professional stylist it can be healthy as for long if its not in your genes its just not

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    check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:-- How can you get a healthy hair growth

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