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Kid of Seph--I try not to do this cause I hate when others do it but I have to, does anyone mind?

Little boys like you feel so protected by ur monitor so you think you can say anything you want and try to bow up on people. In your previous answer u said lesnar was just another big man who couldn't wrestle-- Any real wrestling fan (not just me) knows thats false. Last time I checked, an average "big man" who uses pure strength doesn't do a shooting star press off the top. He also wouldn't have classic WRESTLING matches with Kurt Angle. You also said that Shelton Benjamin is held back cause he has no mic skills, I said what about Hardy's lack of skills and his success (that doesn't fit your "no mic skills= not wwe material) equation. You dodged that and did the childish thing and started bashing. Grow up and learn how to debate a point instead of calling names and running away like a kid.

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    First off, your typing skills show that you are most likely not much older than 17. Second, I'm not a "little boy", as I said in a previous answer. Third, the only reason it was a "classic match" is because Kurt Angle helped put him over. I never replied to your Jeff Hardy comment or bashed you. I never called you names or ran away. As for the guy above me, Steve Q has no wrestling knowledge whatsoever. Thanks for playing, though.

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    That guy was just hating. Because you have alot of knowledge about wrestling.

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    thats cool

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