How soon is to soon to book a reception hall?

I'm not getting married until Sept. 2008 but I've already found the reception hall that I want. Is it to soon to make an appointment to talk with them and book the hall?

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    It is never too soon, we booked our hall and year and a half in advance, sometimes those places fill up really fast.

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    It is never too soon. I got engaged in October 2005 and we wanted a Fall 2006 wedding. There was NOTHING available. We decided to get married this spring instead of waiting until the fall again. When we decided on the spring, we booked the hall we wanted. Everybody told me I should wait, what's the rush. Well, because I didn't want to be stuck with the same dilemma I was in when we first got engaged!

    That being said, make sure it's what you really want before you actually book it. If your parents are paying, let them look at it. Shop around, there are nice places everywhere. Most places let you "hold" the date for a week or two before putting any money down. Just call them up, have them put your name in to hold the date you want. Look around, make sure it's the one you want. Then, by all means, book it.

    When I was planning and booking things for my wedding I found that once I got the ball rolling, I did a lot all at once. It worked out quite well for me because I did the bulk of my planning and booking in about a month, then I had time to relax. ('Course, now we're getting close and I think maybe I took a little too much time relaxing...)

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    1 decade ago

    First of all, are you positive that is the hall you want? Think about your guest list, and the number of guests the hall will accomodate. Think about if between now and then, you will add more guests to your list, etc....

    Once you have taken into consideration things that may change between now and then, and if your hall will accomodate those changes, and you are positive this is the hall you want, BOOK IT.

    Prices on reception halls go up ever year, and if you book now, you will be locked into 2007 prices as opposed to 2008. Also, you want to make sure your date is secure.

    Also remember, most deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, so again, be sure this is the hall you want. Hope that helped.

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    I'm sure that they will make an appointment with you and do a tour ... some sites book up to 2 years in advance (if they are very popular) while others won't do anything beyond a year early. You just have to get in with one of their reps and talk about their requirements. Be prepared to put down a deposit if you're booking the location though.

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  • 4 years ago

    There are some places in my section that e book 2 years beforehand. maximum e book up a year beforehand, with night circumstances being the main properly-known. Day time weddings are no longer basically low-fee generally, yet because of the fact they are no longer as properly-known, do no longer e book as without postpone. we could have enjoyed an early summer season wedding ceremony. We went to e book out venue in September and have been hoping for a prior due June or early July wedding ceremony. each and every Saturday night wedding ceremony replaced into booked already for the finished summer season! We ended up with an afternoon time wedding ceremony and reception, which replaced into my husband's determination any way. i replaced into happy with the way all of it worked out and that's all that concerns.

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    You should make a call to the facility coordinator to find out the availability. If it is a popular hall, you can book your date (if you are certain that you want to use it) as early as 1 year. Go ahead and book if you really want it.

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    No it is not too soon. If you are sure about the reception hall, then book it...especially if it is a Saturday nite. If it is Friday or Sunday you can wait a little longer.

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    I would be leery of booking it this soon. That's over a year and half away. What if they close down or change hands? You could be screwed. Absolutely, call and ask about it though. They may not even be taking reservations that far in advance. It's usually around a year at most.

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    1 decade ago

    Never too soon.. I book mine 1 1/2 years in advance and they were already 1/2 filled.

    Also gives you lots of extra time to make payments!!!

    That way your not so pressured to pay of the cater in a quick amount of time.

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    1 decade ago

    There is no such thing as too soon, if the plans are finalized and you need a place book it, dont wait. One day can mean the difference between getting it on the date you and not.

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