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Genuine Funny Script?

Hey, I am well on my way with a comedy script about an LA cop with a few secrets and an almost entirely nasty persona. Think Ace Ventura meets an AK-47- Fully Loaded and Dangerous.

I myself have been watching masterpieces such as meet the fockers, shrek etc and was blazey and thought I could write a script as funny. Then I realised these were golden moments of hollywood and I am just an eighteen year old with ambition. Then I watched Deuce Bigalow and realised it was tired unfunny comedy, comedy that just did not work and perhaps my script was as good as meet the parents, Mr Bean after all. So my question is will Hollywood pick up and produce a genuine funny script or will it go with lame comedy everytime just to guarantee box office success?

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    You're asking the same question that critics and audiences have been asking for many years. The problem is the question has many different answers. Hollywood is all about show business and the bottom line in any business is money. So yes, if the studio execs think some lame comedy that's been done a dozen times will rake in the bucks, they'll make it, even if they have a hundred fresh ideas sitting on their desks.

    Another problem is that many funny scripts are actually made very unfunny by the time studios, producers, directors, actors, etc., get finished rewriting them. Once you sell your script to a studio, you no longer have any guarantee that it will end up the way you wrote it on screen. Many screenwriters will tell you what they put on paper and what appeared in front of the audience were two very different things.

    Finally, there are thousands of people out there writing scripts and everyone thinks their script is great. I was a line producer for a production company and I can tell you that most of the scripts that come in to agents, managers, and production companies just plain suck. (I'm not saying yours does, I'm just being honest.) That actually makes it more difficult for a good script to get through sometimes; script readers see so much garbage every day, they may understandably overlook a script that could be really funny with a little work or tweaking.

    If you enjoy writing, keep at it and if you aren't successful at finding an agent to represent you or a buyer for your scripts, consider joining forces with other people trying to break into the industry and make your own movie. It's not easy and it's not cheap, but it can be done and independently made films are often huge successes because they are the fresh and funny ideas Hollywood overlooks. Good luck!

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