how would you accurately weigh somebodies head, without removing it from his or her person?

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    This is very easy and simple. We've done this in our Physics class when we were learning about weight, density, displacement, and behaviour of fluids. Note that this is only one of the three methods that I know. This method uses the % (percentage) rise of water level of head over body, i.e. head level rise divided by body level rise, multiply this by actual body weight as measured by the accurate weighing scale, then you get the weight of head. There is a reason why we use a cylindrical tank in this case.

    Elements/Gadgets/Materials used:

    1. Weighing scale

    2. Cylindrical Water tank, preferrably the one used in hydro therapy clinics

    Note: the hydro tank has accurate water lever measurements

    3. One person willing to strip down to just underwear (so as to get the most accurate measurement)

    4. Step ladder, at least same height as water tank.

    Procedure (with simplified example to show the answer)

    1. Weigh the person using the scale. E.g. 98 pounds.

    2. Measure the water lever in the tank. E.g. 60 inches.

    3. Dip the whole body of the person into the tank and measure the water level. E.g. 72 inches.

    For the whole body, there was 12 inches of water rise: that's 72 - 60 = 12

    4. Move the step ladder beside the tank. Person will climb to the top of the ladder and bend in such a way that he will dip just his head into the tank. Measure the water level rise. E.g. 61.3 inches

    For the head, there was 1.3 inches of water rise: that's 61.3 - 60 = 1.3 inches.

    % level rise = (1.3 div 12) = 0.1083333 or 10.83%

    therefore, based on % level rise:

    weight of head = 10.83% of 98 pounds

    = 0.1083 X 98 = 10.61 pounds


    We could also use density as the factor to measure the weight of the head, and this involves getting the accurate density of the water. In any case, this will also work. But the easiest method is the one I presented above.

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    1. Get a big tank of water (one that will hold the person, floating).

    2. Get a bigger pool so you can catch all the water that spills off of the first tank.

    3. Fill the first tank with water, all the way to the brim, so it is almost overflowing.

    4. Put your person in the first tank, and float them so their head is above water.

    5. measure the weight of the water that spilled out of the first tank

    6. subtract the weight of the spilled water from the weight of the person. This is your answer.

    7. This will be fairly accurate, since our bodies are mostly water, anyway. You could add a "fudge" factor of about 25-30% to make it a little more accurate.


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    1. Get a (very) large metric measuring cup and a friend.

    2. Fill with enough water to fully submerge your head.

    3. Dunk head in water.

    4. Have friend measure volume of water displaced in cubic centimeters. (Hope he can measure quickly.)

    5. Unless my memory of high school physics is mistaken-- which is possible, given that it was 19 years ago-- that should be the mass of your head in grams.

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    Lay them on the floor and rest their head on the bathroom scale.

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    Why would you want to weigh someone's head?

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    It’s child play! Just measure its volume, and then see its density in a special book (for instance, “Handbook of heads density”). Then we calculate the unknown by multiplying the volume and density. See, it’s very easy to do!

    Good luck!

    P.S. by the way, do you know that different races have different head density values? negro and asians heads is light in weight and white people (People) have more solid heads.

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    You could make them lie down on the floor and rest their head on the scales? I don't know, any better suggestions out there.. :)

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    Get them to lay flat on the floor and use the scales as a pillow?

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    Ha Ha Ha Thats a good one.

    Will have to check back for the answer myself :-)

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