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Are there any stores/fast food etc. that hire 15 1/2 year olds?

I know my local theme park does...anymore anyone knows of? Does any of the following hire 15 1/2 year olds: Long Drugs, Baskin Robins, Hallmark store, Goodwill, Pet Stores (not like petco/petsmart...local pet stores), the Bagel House or Fruit Friz? Thanks!

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    Call and find out. Some places hire 'under 16' to bag groceries too.

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    i be responsive to that McDonalds does it became into my first activity, yet i've got self assurance it additionally relies upon on the state you reside in and the regulations to your section. I easily have additionally heard that Taco Bell does besides. the sole thank you to make certain for advantageous is to call around and ask!! :)

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    McDonalds, I was a store manager, you just need a work permit, you can get that from your school...good luck

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