history project! help!?

Im doing a civil rights project and my main person is Ella Baker

im not quite sure how to answer this question.

Can anyone help?

What examples can be found in our modern society that would be related to your icon of the civil rights era? Provide detailed examples.

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    1. Never be intimidated by the wording of a question. Take a pause, and think what the question is really about. It's about the lasting contributions that Ella Baker made, in other words ones that still impact today. You just have to look at an autobiography to see what she did. She may not be the sole originator of the examples shown below, but the fact that she was actively involved, and that they are valid today, is sufficient for the purposes of your project,



    2. Lasting contributions (the quotations are all sections lifted from the wikipedia page on Ella Baker)

    a) Black history studies - "She also founded the ***** history club at the Harlem library"

    b) Organizational structure of the NAACP (e.g. WIN) - "She pushed the organization to decentralize its leadership structure and to aid its membership in more activist campaigns on the local level. She especially stressed the importance of young people and women in the organization."



    c) Desegregated schools - "She soon joined the New York branch of the NAACP to work on school desegregation ...."

    d) A more professional multiracial police service - "...and police brutality issues"


    e) Southern Christian Leadership Conference (it still exists) - "In January 1957, Baker went to Atlanta, Georgia to attend a conference aimed at developing a new regional organization to build on the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. After a second conference in February, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was formed. "


    f) Students for a Democratic Society (the original SDS collapsed in 1969, but a new SDS commenced in 2006) - "Baker’s ideas of group-centered leadership and the need for radical democratic social change spread throughout the student movements of the 1960s. Her ideas influenced the philosophy of participatory democracy put forth by Students for a Democratic Society, the major antiwar group of the day."



    g) Democratic Party open to minority and women's active participation - "In 1964 she helped organize the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) as an alternative to the all-white Mississippi Democratic Party. She worked as the coordinator of the Washington office of the MFDP ... their influence on the Democratic Party helped to elect many black leaders in Mississippi, and forced a rule change to allow women and minorities to sit as delegates at the Democratic National Convention."

    3. Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

    Her name lives on in the Ella Baker Center. "Named for the civil rights movement's unsung champion of students, sharecroppers and everyday people, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is a strategy and action center working for justice, opportunity and peace in urban America."



    1. The NAACP's website does not acknowledge her involvement in improving the participation of women and young people in the organisation, preferring to refer to less known individuals like Juanita E. Jackson.


    2. Police brutality probably lessened most as a result of the infamous Rodney King beating and the riots that ensued in Los Angeles in 1992.



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    Have you ever heard of google?

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