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What is the best shape for my eyebrows?

im not very good at tweezing so something simple would be helpful!


this website didnt come up can u give me the full URL

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    Here's the link to the best article re: eyebrow shaping I've found:

    It will show you how to choose a shape and how to pluck your brows properly.

    You might want to get them done by a professional to have them plucked, waxed or threaded after letting your brows grow out for 2-4 weeks. A professional will create a flattering shape that you can maintain at home.

    Explain that you want a natural looking brow and let the aesthetician know if you are on any medications. (ex. Retin-A thins the skin so users should avoid waxing.)

    Waxing is fast but threading* is one alternative I've found it to be far less irritating than waxing. Some aestheticians will just pluck stray brows if you ask.

    *Info re: threading:

    If your brows aren't too bushy, you could just skip plucking, etc.

    Instead, use a lash/brow comb and comb your eyebrow hairs upward. Trim any long ones that really stick out with small cuticle scissors. Trim individual hairs & take it slow. Step back and check the results frequently.

    You can use a clear brow gel to shape them and keep them in place. Maybelline makes a good one.

    related articles:

    This one is for guys, but is still useful. It has photos and shows the tools needed.

    BTW plucking used to really irritate my skin & I've found a few things that help:

    1. Good tweezers - Tweezerman are the best. Really good tweezers help you get a good grip & pluck in one tug.

    2. Plucking after a shower when my pores are open & my skin is free of makeup, moisturizer.

    3. Following up with toner.

    4. Cleaning tweezers with alcohol.

    5. Using chilled aloe vera gel to sooth my brows after I'm done.

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    simple? honey nothings simple, BUT i suggest tweezing, and if they ask you what shape? say "i just want them trimmed" it feels odd, but works hurts for like a second but {so does tweezing}


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    Hi, I actually read this really good article about tips to creat great eyebrows, you'll find more useful information there I'm sure:

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    It depends on your facial features.

    Beacuse if you have a really fat face, and have skinny-skinny eyebrows ull look retarted, and if u have a skinny face bushy ones will look crazy too

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