Cops say legalize drugs ask me why?

Cops say legalize drugs ask me why?

Prohibition does not prevent cannabis use by children or the mentally ill, the vulnerable populations whom we supposedly want to protect. Instead, cannabis prohibition makes it more difficult for parents, patients, society, and doctors to control cannabis use.

The Drug War makes honest education about cannabis impossible, and leaves cannabis users marginalized in ways that make their lives more stressful. This stress is unhealthy for everyone, but it is certainly most damaging to people with schizophrenia.

Cannabis prohibition is not merely a failure; it is a counterproductive fraud that is harming those whom we claim we want to protect. There are currently more teens in treatment centers for marijuana in comparison to those admitted for alcohol.

Only an idiot would have to ask why alcohol is not the no#1 problem

after all alcohol is perfectly legal ( If you are 21.) That is due to responsible people handling alcohol by way of the carding and id system.

Contraband markets make no age disgression.

Since the crackdown on tobacco there are 75% fewer teens trying or using tobacco.

However when it comes to cannabis and other illicit substances it’s a whole

other ball game.

Control, regulation and better education work prohibition dose not.

Or as John Walters of the ondcp (Office for national drug control policy) calls it “ a war on drugs” (Sorry John but it's true look at the Netherlands)

America loves a war even if it is on it’s own people.

One of several reason they don’t legalize drugs is not because of the harm of drugs,

But people would lose more money in the long run.

Some of the people behind the support of this irrational so called war are

The tobacco industry, the alcohol and distilled spirit industry ( people simply don’t drink as much, or decide not to drink at all with cannabis meaning a decline in there sales.

The pharmaceutical corporations can not make money on whole or raw cannabis, but they can charge an arm and a leg for there synthetic Marinol (dronabinol) CIII.

The textile and paper industry would lose out from hemp production, sinse hemp dose not need to go through all the various processes that ordinary tree products would. Also it’s possible to get two harvest in in one season.

However people don’t know the difference between industrial hemp and smokable cannabis, yet they are able to distinguish between the two in other country’s like Germany, the UK , Netherlands and even Canada, but our `DEA agents are so dumb they cant tell the difference between a stalk and a bush.

The petroleum industry would be affected, sinse almost everything that can be made from petroleum can be synthesized from hemp oil, everything from bio fuel to even plastics. If North America would use a third of it’s land for hemp production we could create enough biofuel to supply an area the size of Canada.

Now also for a moment consider how many people are incarcerated over just cannabis who are currently in the prisons and jails.

If cannabis were legalized and all inmates serving time for cannabis were freed there would be an over abundance of empty cells, and millions of guards in this country would be no longer needed.

The prison building industry would almost be obsolete ( and if all drugs were legalized that would mean even more empty cells.

So the prison system must have some means of gaining more inmates.

Not to mention other areas such as treatment centers, probation.etc

or HIDTA high intensity drug traffic areas where money is fed in to law enforcement,

(they would miss there green $$$)

Drugs , not even alcohol are the cause of the fundamental ills of society, rather than checking people for the presence of drugs, they should first test people for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.

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    Big ups mate.


    A couple of facts are wrong in your statement, but I agree entirely.

    I'm U.K.

    Isn't it funnie that your declaration of independance is written on hemp paper!!!!

    Basically, were on about the middle England an I guess middle America.

    In the U.K. 30 000 people die from alcohol every year, but it nets 20 000 000 a day in tax revenue.

    Its all about money an control, its joke 'cus U.K. drug trade is worth 40 billion + per annum, they have NO IDEA. But that won't get them re-elected.

    We never learn from history, its because were human an weak.

    All the sails the Romans used were all hemp flax from Gaul, in France they use Isochanvere a hemp/concrete product 1/7 the weight an ten times the tensile strength, thats not even to mention the most nutritional seed on the planet, having 70% more essential oils an nutrients, or the petroleum substitute thats cleaner burning, industrial lubricant, gore tex equivelent, hessian sacking or spun fine as silk.....

    I'm preaching to the choir dude, I know you know.

    We'll have to have an IM sometime.

    Its gotta be said.

    Like it was said on Yahoo, its easy to forgive a child afraid of the dark, but an adult afraid of the light???

    Only when you enbrace a situation can you hope to understand an then possibly contain it.

    An history rubbish at acknowledgement, from Maztec Indians with Salvia Divinorum to Hindu's with Charis.

    ( an for any ignorant fool that thinks there the same, they are nothing like it, the herb or the cultures )

    BIG UPS.

    Fuc!<, there's so much more to say, talk about perpetuating the cycle, here's a reason an I know your ears will perk up to this...

    TERRORISM, we fight it on two fronts,

    Firstly can anyone on here tell me, after we bomb a wheat crop eg Afghanistan or wherever, an a man has to feed his kids, can you tell me you'd expect that man to wait 6months to feed his kids with a wheat crop, an not grow a cash crop of Heroin in 3months, life will find a way, when you have no choice you'll feed your family any way you can.

    An where do the drugs come... U.K. America.

    I really can't get into this topic tonight, I'd be posting understanding for the next day or so.


    Source(s): Used to work for the Cannabis Cup (Holland) an Seeds direct. Gypsy Nirvana.
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    Drugs should be legalized. Here's why:

    1) No black market. Undercuts funding for terrorism and a lot of other illegal activities.

    2) Control of what goes into drugs. Fewer deaths.

    3) If drugs are legal, our prisons would not be overcrowded.

    4) Treatment and rehab would be funded from the taxes raised by drug sales.

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    I think you are on the right path... and thank you for bringing this topic in the manner you have. I have a very vague view of what is actuall freedom. Being told that I can not do something because my neighbor thinks it is wronge does not effect me personally and therefore do notcare of their opinion. Really what im getting at is that what I choose to do in my home should not be privvy to the world. Until i see someone die O.D. deteriorate to a vegetable or in any way Blow Up from smoking weed then and only then will i actually ask someone to put it out if they are smoking around me. I used to smoke but have not for a number of years due to the need of a job. And being told that i can't work because when im at home i smoke weed is total BS. So i guess my next employer might just fire me because I jerk off at home and that is un christian and they don't agree with it. Am i going to work and whacking it in the stall, NO. But this is sort of the same idea. Its ok to drink at home, but not to show up on site drunk or smoke on site. Yeah there should be a freedom that includes the inbibing of any intoxicant that you so desire as long as the effects of which are not a detriment to others. No i don't care if i go to wally world and there are two teenagers walking around stoned amazed at the little fish swimming around. Yes i do mind when i go to that same wally world and there is some drunk guy trying to pick a fight with me and grope my girlfriend and i have to st in a holding cell and spend my 167 days in prison because my trial only shows up "SPEEDY!!!" ahhhhhhh. Well you go to a nice place and have a drink see if you don't claim self defense when some guy reaches and grabs your girls ****. See if you don't beat them to within an inch of their life and the only way to stop you is to be maced by two cops and beaten by three. OMG there is nothing right with this world look at us. Code Orange the Koolaid Man Might Jump Through A Wall At You. High Alert... When this nation drops the decrepid "morals" it supposedly holds dear and looks at the world with purity in their hearts and minds they will see that alot more is allowable to these "huddled masses" AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! if there is any thing bad that happens from the direct sale of the now Illegal Drugs to Americans it would only bethat the idiots with no self controll would overdose and i am not sorry to say it but guess what ladies and gentlemen that is what we call agressive eugenics let the idiots with no restraint go out and overdose. What we just lost some good people. NO!!!! we just lost the next idiot with a gun trying to rob a 7-11 so he could complain about not having a job, beat his wife, get so messed up that all he is capable of is drooling and sputtering until he is arrested and held to court hide behind the drug get "help" off of your money and then get that college degree you alsways wanted for your children that you couldn't afford because you are to busy paying for some bogus tax that goes directly to him... i guess i should go kill someone and get some college under my belt... HAHA!!!

    I saw alot of facts in the question and i would just like to give you the same as i give everyone else. IF YOU DONT READ THE RANT AT LEAST READ THIS:







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    Drugs don't need to be legalized, they just need to be decriminalized, ala the drug policy of the Netherlands. Alcohol is not legal in America. It is not illegal if you follow certain guidelines; ie are over 21 years of age, do not manufacture and distribute without proper licenses, and go through a distributer to sell it to others. Why can't certain drugs like marijuana be bound to similar guidelines? I think they should. Just remember to vote any and every time legislation in favor of decriminalizing drugs shows up on the ballot.

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    Drugs should be legalized, there won't be anymore stupid people taking dugs, than what there already is. and there is no law saying that a person cannot be stupid. Just think of it we wouldn't need 50% of our prison, or police depts, or attorneys, and so on.

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    They should legalize it like cigarettes and alcohol. It all has its side affects and if, made legal the prisons wouldn't be full of criminals. Image of alchol and cigarettes were illegal. the prisons would be full of more people.

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    ppl wana try things that they are not allowed to do so legalising them and providing the addicts with controled use will stop gangsters making their money through the black market but i dont know if that will work or just make it worse!?

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    If they ever legalize weed, a hope they put a high tax that goes into something productive like medicare.

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    I say the same thing as they do

    Source(s): Me nurse paramedic
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