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Win National Championship with hardest schedule.?

I know they make a list of all college football teams ranked on strength of schedule. Has a team ever been ranked #1 with hardest schedule and won the National Championship?

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    Florida had a pretty tough schedule this year, I'm not sure if it was the "hardest" but it was up there in difficulty.

    Florida's Opponents: (highest rank)

    Tennessee (8), LSU (3), Auburn (2), UGA (10), and Arkansas (5) were all ranked in the top ten. So Florida played 5 teams that at one time were ranked in the top 10, I doubt any other team can say that

    Kentucky, Alabama, and South Carolina, and Florida State are good opponents as well.

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    Well, I may just be a fanboy, but I dont think my Ohio State Buckeyes had a cakewalk:

    Won over #2 Texas

    Won over #12 Iowa

    Won over #24 Penn State

    Won over #2 Michigan

    Although we did lose to Florida, we did fight off #2 when we played Texas and Michigan. I think the Florida Gatas had a tough schedule too, that SEC was a beast. All the rankings above were at the time that Ohio State played them.

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    Sorry but Nebraska does not have a hard schedule. Look at the bowls this year. The Big 12 did horrible. They are in the North too. Much weaker. They have an easy schedule, maybe even easier than USC.

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    yes the florida gators had the hardest schedule and won this years title GO Gators!

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    Yes, Florida had the toughest schedule last year.

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    Nebraska Has one of the hardest schedules every year.

    Back in the mid 90's

    1995 to be exact

    Nebraska was rated to have the hardest scedule and they won every game in that year, thanks to Tommy Frazier and Ahman Green.

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    This question may offend Boise St fans, as their team schedules D1-AA teams and think they deserve to be #1.

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