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what is the chance of having 4 english teams in the semi finals of champions league?

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    it is unlikely to happen.

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    Its very possible. Arsenal should be able to recover against PSV. They are undefeated at home as well so that should help. Man U should be able to hang on to their 1-0 lead over Lille, they are not a very strong side and are lucky they escaped with only a one goal defecit. Chelsea will beat Porto. Mourinho will come out hard to silence his critics, and Chelsea should have the game in the bag at the end of the half. Liverpool take a one goal lead into Anfield where they have been in top form. I believe the Kop atmosphere and a strong Liverpool side will be able to fend off the Catalan giants.

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    None. Barca will knock out Liv and Porto will do the same to Chelsea. Arsenal have a chance to progress if they score early and Man U will definitely progress. And no, I'm not a Man U fan. Posh are my team and Arsenal are my Prem team from childhood

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    i think of they are going to proceed to enhance to the later tiers, this 12 months i pick Liverpool out in 2d Rd, Arsenal to Qtrs or Semis (staring on the draw), Chelsea to Semis, United to the spectacular or winning. i'm surely biased in picking United to bypass that a ways, yet i've got self assurance that they are going to get stronger because of fact the 12 months is going on and the lineup starts off to gel a touch. i do no longer see Liverpool being waiting to bypass as deep if Benitez keeps playing adult men like Keane out extensive. Chelsea could a minimum of make it to the semi finals yet i'm not sure in the event that they are going to have a healthful adequate lineup (without Drogba they conflict up front) to make it to the finals. United are the comparable tale yet as a supporter I could say that i think of they might repeat.

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    liverpool 90%chance because 2 goal lead with home match

    man utd 90% chance 2 good this season

    arsenal 20% chance bercaus psv have 1goal advantage]

    chelsea 50% chance becausd of draw.

  • Adam S
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    Not very good, I think Porto will beat Chelsea and Lille will be looking for blood coming back to Old Trafford. Also, Barca will be hard to denie now that Eto'o is back.

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    prolly wont work cuz they will prolyl get drawn against eachother...but most likely man u will b the 1s to get knocekd out first i think...then arsenal or liverpool and chelsea r the only ones who havva chance to win it...and there is no way ever porto will beat chelsea

  • it is possible but i wouldn't b too confident i mean porto is not that bad this year soo watch out chelsea and hey england ain't the only country with good soccer teams mayb more but not the best (PORTUGAL!!!)

    don't hate!!!

  • that would be great. MAn Utd, Liverpool,Arsenal and Celtic.

    Chelsea are going to be knocked out by porto.

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    No way!

    Chelsea and Arsenal won't get that far!

  • Anonymous
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    I think that they have a very good chance



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