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what colors bring out the green in a person who has green eyes?

i have green eyes and i was wondering what color of eye make up would bring out the color in my eyes and also what color of tops that i could wear for light olive skin w/my green eyes?


what type of waterproof mascara works and really extending my lashes? i have horribly short lashes but they are thick so i just need one for length, but any suggestions?


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    Wow, you just totally described me. I also have green eyes and VERY thick, short lashes.

    To bring out green eyes, wear purple. Purple is known to make green pop. I use Origins purple passion eye shadow on my lid, and Origins eye shadow in Soft Touch under my brow:

    Look for shades like that, and it will really offset your green eyes.

    For your lashes, I actually tend not to wear mascara because it ends up being too much of a hassle for me because they're so thick. But if I'm heading out for a special night on the town or something, I wear Maybelline mascara in the pink and green tube. I've tried them all, even counter make-up brands, and they all do the exact same thing. Even professional make-up artists use this particular product - If you watch carefully, Carmindy from What Not to Wear uses it, too :)

    I hope this helps. Good luck :)

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    Okay, about the green eyes, green clothing brings out pretty green eyes. For eyeshadow I purples and lilacs look great! There's a Mary Kay color (no I'm not 60 hehe) called "Fig" that is perfect. For mascara I assure you Maybelline VolumnExpress (waterproof) is awesome. That is the one bargain makeup product I buy b/c everything else I've tried for more has failed me. It's also good because if you have to surl your lashes as I do, most mascaras when applied make your lashed droop, this mascara doesn't.

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    I have green eyes as well...I know it sounds a little scary but purples of almost every shade look good! I would say that browns go good with olive skin and also looks ok with the purple eye shadow. For waterproof mascara try Cover girl fantastic lash.

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    For eye shadow Almay has a three eye shadow quad for green eyes that will bring out the green in your eyes.

    And for mascara Lash Exact waterproof mascara by maybelline is a comb-like mascara that gets every lash and makes it wayy longer.

    Source(s): My expierience.
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    I also have green eyes... Usually I line my top lid with eyeliner and swipe just a smidgin of purple shadow (not too much or you get that not-so-cute black eye look). Make sure you have a contrast between your eyes/eyelashes and your green eyes... for me, if I dont do that... My eyes can almost dissapear into my face. Avoid light brown, yellow, or bright green. Try deep green, light or dark blue (nothing too bright), purple or maroon, and black (in moderation).

    Try CoverGirl Professional Waterproof Mascara (its in the bue tube). Its absolutely amazing for short eyelashes. I had to switch to ExactLash, though, because it made my long eyelashes look a bit too over the top!

    Hope that helps!

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    I would say Browns golds and cinnamon colors for the eyes even certain greens. They seem to do the trick for a friend of mine that has Hazel eyes. Not sure about the Mascara I use Estee lauder products. They've never done me wrong. Good Luck

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    i think of that possibly you may no longer positioned on green no rely if it extremely is an option. by no potential positioned on the comparable coloration outfits and eyeshadow. i propose which you place on green eyeshadow quite. a dark sparkelie green. and green mascara additionally. almay makes green, maximum manufacturers do. in case you may positioned on a green shirt or outfits do a mild goldish brown. consistently coloration on your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil that suits your hair coloration. and use an off white on your foreheadbone to make your eyes pop. use an eyelash curler till now mascara, and combine your colours nicely. i think of you may attempt a gloomy sapphire or dark green coloration, or turquise, use an eyeliner the comparable coloration, line the backside, as on the factor of the lashes as accessible, and the suited, thinly, after eyeshadow. positioned the dark colored eyeshadow in basic terms as much as the crease of your eye, use a sparkelie sort of sparkling shade above that as much as the eyebrow bone just about. bypass over your eye with a blush brush to combination those 2. then positioned a white on your foreheadbone. curl, and 2 coats of mascara on suited, and one on the backside.

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    Almay makes an eyeshadow trio specifically for your own eye color. You can also get matching eyeliner. My daughter has blue eyes and I have brown, and the Almay shadows are really nice. I can't find a good mascara either.

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    I also have green eyes (well sometimes green sometimes blue) and I use light goldish bronze color and brown eyeliner. I also switch it up and use plums and mauves from time to time... Check out Loreal eye colors... they're awsome!!! This always captures the look I'm going for ... hope it brings out the green in you too.

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    I love Loreal Voluminous. I know your are thick but this one really works. I have gone through eveything from cheap to expensive!!

    Also my broyfriend has green eyes and when he wears green or black I melt. So these are the colors I would recommend.

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