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Should Al Gore live in a trailer?

Afterall, he is the one touting the Global Warming issue right? One of his several homes he owns uses 20 times more electricity than average America. Is Al Gore a hypocrite or what?


the answers so far are typical liberal apologists. TYPICAL!

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    Well, according to the idea of carbon offsetting of which he is a proponent, if he lives in a trailer, he should drastically cut his subsidation to his local renewable energy.

    That way he is EVEN, just like he is now.

    That way, his energy provider will discontinue providing renewable energy because there is not enough consumer demand.

    See where I'm going with that?

    Yeah, he's not perfect. But he's just as fallable as every politician. When would you expect a politician to live like the rest of us? Besides, if h elived in a trailer or some eco-home, the conservatives in the media will jus tharp on ho wmuch of an eco-nut he is for living an unrealistic lifestyle. There's always something.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I and my Klan live in caves in national forests as most of you humans should to save our wonderful planet.

    and Y'all should do as we do and only have two children per couple.

    and someone should burn that humans home down, the hypocrite.THAT would learn him dern him.

    Signed. Forest Sky Yeti

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, he should live in the White House.

    It's where he should have lived ever since 2000.

    I think lots of people realize that now.

    Other people, anyway.

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    He is also a traitor to our troops over seas. He should be stripped of his wealth and kicked out of the country.

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    he should live in the white house...

    but since he does not, he buys his energy from renewable (non-polluting) sources.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    and how much electricity did you waste on this diatribe?

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