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do americans think only their lives are important- do they think of others' lives as worthless?

the way they do not oppose, and rather mostly support, their country's illegal, inhuman, unauthorised, self-imposed and selfish war in afghanistan and iraq, and now possibly with iran too, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent public, bombing them with missiles, turning them handicap, burning them, and then shamelessly continuing to claim of dream to give democracy to others, is this justified? they are killing afghans since 2001, its 6 years now, and in iraq since 2003, its 4 years now, and hundreds of thousands of women and children have been charred, the countries have been devastated by continuous bombing. what is the use of such a democracy which results in a crippled and puppet government, and a nation, and which is forcefully established with the blood of over 700,000 humans. while the children of US play with drugs, guns and liquor in their country's corrupt culture, the innocent children of iraq & afghanistan have become orphans. what punishment will god give to americans?

Update 2:

i want to comment on 2 of you. one of you said that "If Americans did not value life, they would not have gone to Iraq to deal with a murderous dictator, who Else would have done it." what a joke. if saddam was murderous, how is george w bush different from him (remember in whole of his lifetime, saddam did not cause as many iraqi deaths as bush's and US's war caused). you want to say that okay ill give you freedom, but please let me kill 700000 GOD DAMN PEOPLE! ARE YOU SICK?

Update 3:

one of you also said this "Please, get a backbone and get a life. WE are not killing Afghans and Iraqi's the insurgents are. Get that fact straight and stop listening to the Liberal Left anti-war crybabies."

do you americans know that your media is your government's *****? it will not show you charred bodies of dead iraqis. if you want to open your eyes, trust me, go here and read the 2 comments by your dictator generals

and go here

and see for yourself what your cnn and your new york times dont show you. may god punish american children for murder of each iraqi, and for rape of each iraqi girl

Update 4:

comments to "east of eden"

-not giving education to women is not so big crime that you kill 700000 people for it. do you know what is 700000?

-you said saddam was 'biggest' dictator since hitler/stalin. if you measure 'bigness' by number of people killed by that dictator, then surely the 180,000 murders by saddam are less than 700,000 by bush. what say?

-you said that its not US who is bombing cars in iraq. remember that it is YOU who set off the sequence of events leading to this. it is YOU who created such situation. there were no car bombs in iraq before YOU came there. do you have anything to say?

finally, please talk based on facts. i dismiss hollow and illogical talk

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    You see, it's not so much a matter of Americans consciously making a decision that other's lives are worthless. Instead, it is the truth that TOO MANY (Notice I didn't say most) Americans are so insular that they couldn't care less.

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    It's funny you accuse the US of being inhumane to other peoples of the world, but look at the Taliban, Al-Queida, the governments of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. These governments, former governments, organizations etc. routinely kill, discriminate, and butcher, lie to, and mainpulate those who disagree with them or do not subscribe to their philosophy. It's not the US who is setting off car bombs in the markets of Iraq--it's Iraqis killing their brothers, it is not the US who stones people who commit adultery in Iran--it's the repressive government, it is not the US who denied education to women in Afghanistan--it was the Taliban, and it is not the US who used chemical weapons on thousands of helpless Kurds in the 1980s--it was Saddam,.

    As for the wars being justified, they are. Al-Queida with the blessing of the Taliban attacked the US on September 11, 2001. We had, and do have every right to defend our nation. Iraq under Saddam Hussein failed to comply with ever UN resloution, and therefore the US, and the UN were justified in attacking. Not to mention Saddam had was the worst violater of human rights since Hitler and Stalin.

    The US might not be a perfect nation, and we might not be perfect people, but when you can get past the idiots in Washington DC (on both sides of the isle), you will find that Americans do care about people. We are always first on the scene of disasters, we send the most humanitarian aid to the world and we ,as people, are good. What you don't see on the news is that the US is builidng up Iraq by building schools, roads, water plants, installing electricity in homes, which is more than Saddam Hussein or the Taliban in Afghanistan ever did for their people.

    So next time, before you start slamming the US, turn off Al-Jazzera, and realize that your generalizations and stereotypes are just as bad as an American thinking all Muslims are terrorists.

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    First of not all Americans voted to go to war, havent you seen that alot of peopel are not for it and want the Troops to come home. Second we wanted to help take down a dictator that was not a good man. Yes thousands of innocent non americans ( which I dont think matters a life is a life) have been killed and thats very upsetting but thats not why we went to war.

  • All Americans do not think a like, some are ignorant. A human life is important no matter what you did are where you are from. The color of ones skin does not define who someone is. I do not like violence at all I think that we should try to solve problems peacefully. I do not approve of the war and I know of soldiers who are fighting that don't approve of it either. If a country represented every person who lived in it we would be in a lot of trouble.

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    Last I heard America is not the only country in the war. I have heard of people over there getting help. I hate to see others hurt and I hate to see anyone else die. I think we do have problems within our country, but one thing you have to realize that we will stand up and fight in another country if it is a threat than have them on our soil killing our people.

    Americans are compassionate and caring . I have got to tell you that there are plenty of Americans on your side, I am not one of them that doesn't mean I don't hurt over other peoples tragedy. You have obviously been blinded by the media and we have a stereotype that no one can see past.

  • If Americans did not value life, they would not have gone to Iraq to deal with a murderous dictator, who Else would have done it. They are fighting for the freedom of all people.

    And hey im Welsh.

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    Please, get a backbone and get a life. WE are not killing Afghans and Iraqi's the insurgents are. Get that fact straight and stop listening to the Liberal Left anti-war crybabies.

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    I think others who look, speak, act, and think like us have worthwhile lives. As for the rest, worthless may be an apropos word.

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    i agree with you. this war is not one of justice, it is one of selfishness. bush wants to leave an impression, as to leave a legacy. too bad that he WILL be remembered for this war, and it sure isn't in a good way.

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    well i dont know about other people but i dont think other peoples lives r worthless

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