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my friend speaks Arabic but doesn't have a green card....a reqruiter called him and was encouraging him to joi

n the US army as a translator aide soldier (an MOS) and he told him that he doesn't have to be a US citizen/permanent resident nor a green card holder to join.......what the hell? I mean check this out

is he lying to him? if not then why do they say that you can't join unless you're a citizen or a greencard holder in their website?

I am dazzled.

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    The honest truth: if your friend's background checks out, he could be given a chance for Green card once he finish his enlistment term. There are quite a few accelerated programs that can accomplish that. Ask him how bad does he want to stay around legally... vs. possibility of dying over there.

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    He does not have to be a citizen or a green card holder. He does have to go through courses to apply for a temporary visa though. He will do tis when he is in the military. Going through the miltary is actually one of the easiest ways for someone to gain American citizenship, and he could do it all while serving in the military in whatever MOS he so chooses.

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    The recruiter is going to make it happen for him. They need the skills bad enough that the green card/citizenship will be made possible if he agrees to join. Its a powerful lure and if he's willing to risk his life for the card, this may be the ticket to it.

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    recruiters say anything to get their points. some illegals serve,but be careful. in the early eighties when i joined there were people recruited that couldn't speak english(only spanish) they were getting discharged but the recruiter still got credit

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    hubby was a recruiter and he says there are certain ways around things especially as this man brings so much to the only concern would be if your friend says no just how tenuous is his position in the could get a whole lot more tenuous for him IMO

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    Some of the Brave troops are not citizens, who are working

    towards their citizenship. Better Patriots then some of the Anti

    War scum who were born here.

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