Have you ever been to Lourdes??

What did you think of it???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A lot of people place a lot of spiritual significance in it, certainly folks who are deeply in need of some miracle in their lives.

    I guess what i think of it is that people have a need to visit, so they deserve the greatest of respect for thieir needs.

    As a spectacle, I would rate along with the other religeous shrines around the World. It all depends on what it means to you.

    I've given you a link to the National Tourism website for France, plus a hotels and accommodation directory, with pictures, which gives you a feel of the place, just in case you're considering going or curious.

    Hope that helps

  • 1 decade ago

    If Disney was to create a "Religion Land" to go with its other entertainment then it would be Lourdes.

    No doubt, to people with strong religious faith it is a deeply moving place with metaphysical significance.

    For anyone less devote it seems tacky, absurd and a bit creepy.

    I confess to being one of the latter.

  • karena
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    3 years ago

    Water remains in simple terms water. the in effortless words efficiency it had became to move money out of your wallet to the clergman's. Such an theory became not at all from the Bible. completely from the greed of the clergies.

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