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Who finds the confederate flag offensive?

Cause actual the Navy just recently stoped using it. Long time ago the Military flag was white. And to the opposing Army it looked like we were surrendering so they had to change. Then all this speculation was raised about how it was racists becuase it was used during the 50"s during the civil right movement. cause many people had been in the Military and the flag began in the south blacks said that flag is racist. So now what do you think? And you might say your school taught you this but the school system has to say its racist or they think the blacks will start rioting.

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    When discussing the “Confederate Flag” it helps to know which one you are talking about, there are several. One of the better sites to understand this is the following:

    The Confederate flag was never simply “white”. This is a reference to the “Stainless Flag” which was basically white but with a miniature of the Confederate battle flag in the upper left corner. This is the flag that was consider as appearing to much like a flag of surrender.

    Nor was this the one used by the Confederate Navy. That was “2nd Confederate Navel Jack.” The jack was flown from a "jackstaff" located on the bow of a ship, and was only flown when the ship was in port. The Naval Jack denoted the ship was a ship of war. The naval regulations of 1863 adopted the new National Ensign and also adopted a new Naval Jack. It was to be the same as the regimental battle flags, except it's length was to be one and a half times it's width. The Naval jack of 1863 is very much like the Battle Flag of several units of the Army of Tennessee.

    The flag which most incorrectly think of as the flag of the Confederacy is actually the CSA Battle Flag, "The Southern Cross". This flag with a Red Field (usually square) has two diagonal crossed bars (of blue) containing 13 white stars. Sometimes people use the Navel Jack which is the same except its length is one and a half times its length.

    The flag of the confederacy is a different flag (having gone through at least three transitions) and should never be confused with any of the Battle Flags or the Navel Jack.

    In any case. . . . .

    The idea is that any of these flags represent “slavery” is a post War political spin that has become accepted by following generations. However, such a concept is not true.

    The Confederacy did allow for the legal holding of slaves, so too did the Constitution of the United States (until the 1865 13th Amendment). The Confederate Constitution made illegal the importation of slaves into the Confederacy while the Constitution of the United States did not ban such trafficking in slaves until the 13th Amendment of 1865.

    Neither was the war about the seceding of States which was a perfectly Constitutional act and a legal act of Common Law which any State could enact. This was established by the Declaration of Independence, up held in the 1783 Treaty of Peace, and established as precedent with the States seceding from the Articles of Confederation as they ratified the Constitution of the United States.

    What has been incorrectly termed the American Civil War was in truth not a Civil War. Those States which enacted secession had no interest in warring with the remaining States, as represented by the federal government, or in taking over the federal government. Rather they established their own country. A country that they saw as more closely following the intent of the Founders than did the then federal government created under the Constitution of the United States.

    Nor was it the seceding States which initiated hostilities with the federal government of the United States. President Lincoln (as well as the preceding President Buchanan) understood that attempting to supply any of the three Forts of Charleston Harbor would be considered an act of war. Further, these two Presidents were well aware that they could not maintain these forts by force of arms. Both the Commander on the ground and Commander of the Armies (General Winfield Scott) informed these Presidents that it would take 20,000 troops to hold these forts and such numbers of troops were not available and could not be raised. The federal government attempted to resupply these forts and were turned back by being fired on within the sovereign territory of South Carolina within the Harbor.

    In addition, the Commander of Fort Sumter broke his word when he began to abandon Fort Sumter and when the civilian personal had been removed reversed his actions by returning his men to Fort Sumter. This too was considered an act of war. The firing on Fort Sumter by South Carolina Batteries was a defensive act to protect South Carolina’s Sovereign territory.

    It was the military of the Union federal government which initiated aggressive actions within the territory of South Carolina (and the Forts on the Gulf coast of Florida territory) which began the war. It was a war of the Union federal government to maintain all of the States by force that began this war. If anything it was a war of Northern federal government aggression into the South.

    Slavery never became an issue (of government) until President Lincoln had trouble raising troops during the war itself. President Lincoln also ran roughshod over the constitution (reference opinions of the United States Supreme Court against President Lincoln’s extra-constitutional acts such as the suspending of Habeas Corpus and the jailing without due process Northern politicians for simply speaking out against the war.

    Today the flags of the Confederacy have become associated in the minds of some with those who supported slavery. Certainly slavery existed within the South but it was hardly the cause for which the men of the South fought. Rather they fought to keep the Northern invader from their borders. The flags of the South represent that cause of the South.

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  • Anonymous
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    Finding something offensive is subjective, that is dependent on your own opinion.

    However, here are a few groups who might find the flag offensive.

    1. African Americans: the flag was used by two groups (KKK in the 1940s to present, and the Confederates during the civil war). I hope I don't have to explain why African Americans don't like the KKK. The reason that the Confederacy itself might be viewed in an unfaltering light is that they were trying to "protect" their "states rights".....which included their right to continue slavery. There is little defense of the Confederacy legitimately using states rights as their cause. The Confederate States themselves did not have the right to withdraw from the CSA or form a confederation with other states (see the CSA Constitution Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 & 3.

    2. Anyone who feels that terrorist attacks on the United States are wrong. The Confederate Flag was designed so that troops in the battlefield (fighting the mighty Army of the Potomac) could tell themselves apart from the Union. This is because the Confederacy's uniforms were blue (the color of the Army's uniform) when the war first started.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Blacks generally find the confederate flag offensive, as well as many whites. Although many will tell you that the Civil War was fought over states rights and not slavery, the state right being fought over was, in fact, slavery. The Confederate flag respresents the pro-slavery stand in the Civil War. Regardless, if folks have the right to burn the American flag as a "freedom of speech" right, then they should also be allowed to fly the Confederate flag. If we all worry about every thing we do offending someone, everything we do would be outlawed. Finally, just because one has the right to do something, doesn't make it the right thing to do. Flying the Confederate flag is insensitive, to say the least. Someday all the people who fly it will be dead and a new generation of tolerant Americans will forget it ever existed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The flag stands for states rights. Granted there are some people that display as their pride in being racist. To me it stands for the South and the fight they put up. Granted if I would have lived in that time I would have been a Yankee as my brother calls it. It isn't a racist flag anymore to most people it just stands for the strength of the South.

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  • 4 years ago

    these days in basic terms approximately something is offensive to somebody.because of the fact the U.S. ideally suited courtroom has ruled burning the yank flag is an expression of loose speech,then individuals such as you will could settle for the exhibit of the accomplice flag as a valid expression of loose speech.mutually as in college,I tacked a three'x5' accomplice flag to my dorm room basic terms one individual ever complained approximately it.yet another student,whose father have been an officer interior the German military for the period of international conflict 2,displayed a Nazi flag (swastika and all) in his dorm room window.yet yet another student stored a framed image of Adolf Hitler on his wall.One Jewish student went berserk approximately it,however the image remained.the ingredient is freedom of expression is extra significant than somebody being indignant.

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  • Monc
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    If people truly find the flag offensive and they have legimate reasons to find it offensive, why try to change it?

    I mean, I'm not going to wear a swastika and insist that it's an Indian symbol (which it is.) It's offensive to most people, so I respect that.

    Life is not just about YOU. Respect others. They find it offensive, and there's nothing about it that makes it something you NEED to use.

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  • 7 years ago

    I fly one on my truck and wear one on my shoulder. So no

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  • *COCO*
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    1 decade ago

    I dont find it offensive.

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