I have been interested in the medical field for a very long time. I am a sophomore in high school and i believe that finding out more information about the field you want to go into is very important. Is anyone in Pediatrics or does anyone know someone that is in Pediatrics and what are your thoughts and views about that field? I love children and helping people, so this is the next topic that I want to learn more about. Thanks!

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    I had a friend who was interested in pediatrics for the same reason as you. She went through medical school and did a pediatric residency and found she did not like it all. Many kids were rude and out of control and she was hit and spit at and many parents did not correct their behavior. Of course not all children behave this way, but it happened often enough that she realized it wasn't for her.

    She ended up going into neonatology - specializing in preemies - that way she could still help children - very sick babies - but not have to deal with the downside of pediatrics. Her husband ended up specializing in pediatric cardiology - children with heart problems. Again, it avoided the problems of a general pediatric practice.

    For both of them, they had to face the fact that their patients were very sick and some would die. But the upside is they were helping the most fragile children who needed the most help.

    Something to consider.

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