I need ideas for starting my own home business?

Hello, Me and my husband are looking to start our own home business. Whether it be working on the computer or selling things. We are very interested in peoples ideas. PLEASE, NO LINKS TO OTHERS SITES. I am looking to start something on our own. I was thinking maybe a pet sitting site? I'm not sure...

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    eBay works for me. It is fun, easy, and profitable. You can work flexible hours, as your schedule allows.

    I am an eBay Silver Level Powerseller. My monthly profit averages $3500. I work about 6 hours a day. The more you work, the more you make.

    This is an excellent learning resource if you are new to eBay selling


    Feel free to contact me directly - I am glad to help.


    Best of luck to you!

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    If you told me you was going to Fly a Plane I would advise you to take a Flight training Course First. Same thing with a Home Based Business, There are Home Based Business Courses That can Teach you step-by-step how to start a home based business.

    When you find a Home Based Business course that You are interested in the small amount that you would invest in it, Would be well worth it to you in the long run, Once you have a highly successful Business to make money online for yourself.

    Hope this Helps,

    Have a Great Day.

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    What you have to consider here is whether you would prefer to offer a product or a service. Money is time, so if you are offering a service, you are limited by your time. You can only do so much for people in one day, so if you have more customers than you can handle, you are giving away business.

    With a product, it is unlimited. You just have to take and fill as many orders as possible, giving you no limit on your time.

    I have found that the most lucrative route is marketing a product that I can use the internet, the telephone (leads) and person to person to share with people.

    Let me know if this is of interest to you.

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    My supervisor is looking for new people for our agent team. If he selects you, he will provide full training for free. All of us work as independent business owners. The company does a lot of the work that would normally bog down a small business owner. We do a specific job and get paid very well for doing it. Work schedules are flexible but the mote time that you can work, the more you will earn. Some of the work is on-line. I love the International communication part of the work. I meet people all around the world.

    If you want, I can ask my supervisor to call you. Tell me the best day and time for him to call you. Bruce

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    before you do read any of the "rich dad poor dad" series by Robert kiyosaki. He really points out many things noone going into their own business ever knows. heck read all of his books. you can get them on amozon. i am using a lot of the principles he describes to finally get a business giong after 2 others failed. i know it is a long road, but now there are so many principles about business management and being an employer not an employee to your business.

  • www.makemoneyfromelectronics.com

    ok listen i have sold on ebay and made money and now i got sick and tired of them charing me too much for the listings so i found my sources for my products and made my own site after i had made some money and there is some useful infromation on how to get started all you need is products for low prices and thats what i offer and where to get them check it out add my to msn and ill let you know the details.

    now i just relax i make decent cash i sit at home play video games with my kids and sell products worldwide it worked for me i love it.



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    have you looked at usana?

    low setup cost and great training and support, you can check them out here


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