My 2 year old touching his bottom, is he just "exploring"?

My 2 year old boy has started putting his hands in his diaper. It looks as if he is either scratching or just touching his bottom. I've checked and he doesn't have a rash or anything back there. Also the other day when changing his diaper I found a small toy piece (wooden stop sign from one of his thomas train sets) in his diaper. Could he just be exploring? He laughs when I catch him and ask him what he's doing. This has only been going on for a week.


Thanks to everyone. I thought he was just discovering parts of his body but I just wanted to be certain.

Nothing wrong with a little exploration!

Update 2:

CindyLu I agree with you all the way!

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    Ok what you have here is exploration that should be a sign to you. At this age they are very interested in their bodily functions and private parts. What this should be showing you is that this is the time to direct that intrest into toilet training so get that potty out for use.

    Do not make such a big deal about his explorations of his body and it will not become a big deal. It is his body so he had better get to know it and this is the natural time. what he is doing is natural so you treat it that way. What you can do is redirect the focus and use it for potty training. Praise the good/ desired behavior. Do not punish the unwanted just down play it or explain that this is just not done and let it go at that. This can work for you if you do not view it as a problem Good luck boys are usually harder to train than girls but he'll get the idea

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    it's totally normal, all my boys messed around like that

    he's two.....maybe his diaper itched?

    he could be exploring and there's nothing wrong with that

    as for the toy in the diaper, I wouldn't worry about it

    I routinely find stuff that's made it's way into my twins's usually food that will fall while they're eating

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    Yes. And trust me, everything "down there" is fascinating and funny.

    Don't sweat it. If it gets to be a public embarrassment, just let him know that this is a "private thing" and that its okay to explore, but no one wants to watch him do it.

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    This is normal!

    Yesterday, I changed my daughters nappy and found £1.52 in it- it's nice to finally get paid for this work!!!lol

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    Its a game. Believe me next week he'll find another appendage and find that funny.

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    dont worry every child does it my daughter is 5 and she did that also. i went so far as to take her to the doctor about it and he assured me that it was normal

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    Perfectly normal. My daughter has recently shown us her tiny penis. Cracks me up every time.

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    While it is probably normal it could also be pinworms:

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    just tell him to wash his hands after touching near his butt

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    he just figured out what pockets are for!!!

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