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Should I run 3 miles today if my legs are still a little sore?

I am on a 15K training program. Last Sat. I was required to run 6 miles. My legs are still just a little sore today. I am required to run 3 miles today, and again Thursday. On Sat. I am participating in a 5K. Should I just run (3 miles is very easy for me) or lay off of it for another day?

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    Run the 3 miles, but don't take it at your normal pace. Run it at about 75% of what you consider normal. This way you still get the training, but you aren't killing your legs.

    8 years in the Marine Corps has taught me this lesson.

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    If you have been running frequently and nothing over 10 miles, then your legs should not be hurting. If you are just a beginning runner, 1 year or under, you need to concentrate on your knee and ankle strength also. If they are not strong, your form will go bad with longer runs. Bad form causes you to compensate with other muscles and this can cause soreness. Think about what shape you are in. Are you carrying more weight than you should be? Are your shoes fairly new. slap-shock can cause shin-splints. Some people are susceptible to them. There are some really good web sites with info on running. Easy to find.

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    well depends on how sore your legs are if you decide to run bathe in cold water before and after it will help you legs!

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    it's best to take a break and help repair your muscle tissue. but if you are training for something it still should be okay. just make sure to stretch before and after, drink enough water and make sure to eat enough protein....

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    you might feel "looser" if you do run today!!!

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