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Can u name the renowned personalities who embraced Islam?

Can u name the renowned personalities who embraced Islam? Also, from where I can get some brief information about these people? Like how they attracted towards Islam and what appeal to them etc.

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    There are innumerous people who joined Islam in recent and old times. the list is IMPRESSIVE! You will never know how many more shall do so. check this out:


    Aminah Assilmi - Activist

    Omar Bongo - Gabonese, President of Gabon

    Amir Butler

    C. Jack Ellis - from Christianity, Mayor of Macon, Georgia

    Keith Ellison - American, from Catholicism, Representative from Minnesota's 5th congressional district, first Muslim to be elected to Congress

    Murad Wilfred Hofmann - from Catholic Christianity, NATO official

    Ibrahim Hooper (Douglas Hooper) - Islamic activist

    Iyasu V - Ethiopian, former Emperor of Ethiopia

    El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X, Malcolm Little) - American, from Christianity to NOI to mainstream Islam, African-American civil rights leader

    Betty Shabazz - Civil Rights Activist, wife of Malcolm X/El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

    Johann von Leers - advisor to Muhammad Naguib known for his anti-Semitic polemics [6][7][8]

    David Myatt - from Paganism, Neo-Nazi-activist [9]

    Apisai Tora - Fijian politician

    Leopold Weiss (Muhammad Asad) - Viennese Jew who became Pakistani ambassador to the United Nations


    Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay), American, from Christianity to NOI to Sunni Islam to Sufism [10], SI's Sportsman of the Century

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor) - American, from Christianity, retired basketball player & the NBA's all-time leading scorer

    Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Chris Jackson) - American, from Christianity, retired basketball player

    Tariq Abdul-Wahad - originally from France, former basketball player for the Mavericks and Kings

    Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar (Sharmon Shah) - American, from Christianity, former NFL football player

    Nicolas Anelka - French football player

    Celestino Caballero - current WBA super bantamweight boxing champion

    Chris Eubank - British boxer

    Mustafa Hamsho - Boxer

    Bernard Hopkins - Boxer

    Bruno Metsu - French coach of the Senegal team at the 2002 FIFA World Cup

    Matthew Saad Muhammad - from Catholicism, former boxer

    Anthony Mundine - Australian, from Christianity, boxer and former rugby player

    Dwight Muhammad Qawi - Boxer

    Robin van Persie - Dutch football player

    Ahmad Rashad (Bobby Moore) - American, former NFL football player

    Saleem Rasheed - American footballer

    Franck Ribery - French football player, currently plays for Marseille

    Ahmed Santos - American publicist & former boxer

    Philippe Troussier - French, former football player & trainer of a Japanese football team

    Mike Tyson American, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world

    Danny Williams - British boxer

    Mohammad Yousuf (Yousuf Youhana) - Pakistani, from Christianity, cricket player


    Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

    Muhammed al-Ahari

    Lois Lamya al-Faruqi - Scholar and expert in Islamic art

    Hamid Algar - British professor at the University of California, Berkeley, expert in the Ja'fari school of thought & Iranian civilization

    Aminah Assilmi - from Southern Baptist Christianity, scholar & director of the International Union of Muslim Women

    Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker - professor of Urdu, former chair of the University of Minnesota's Department of South Asian studies and creator of the Tékumel fantasy world.

    Kevin Barrett - Lecturer, conspiracy theorist

    Vincent Cornell - Islamic scholar

    Yusuf Estes - from Christianity, former pastor & prison chaplain

    Shah Shahidullah Faridi - English Sufi scholar

    Nuh Ha Mim Keller - from Catholicism to agnosticism to Sufism, Islamic scholar

    Sherman Jackson - Islamic scholar & Academic, Near East Studies & Law School at the University of Michigan

    Jeffrey Lang

    Martin Lings - from Protestantism to Sufism

    Ingrid Mattson – Canadian scholar and current president of the Islamic Society of North America (2006)

    Thomas McElwain - (disputed) from Baptist Christianity, former minister, a Professor of History & Comparative religion.

    Bilal Philips - from Christianity, Islamic scholar & author

    Zaid Shakir - Islamic scholar

    Abu Usamah - Imam of Green Lane mosque

    Siraj Wahaj - from Christianity

    Khalid Yasin - American, from Christianity, Executive Director of the Islamic Teaching Institute (ITI)

    Abu Yahya (Jerald F. Dirks) - from Christianity, Hollis

    Hamza Yusuf - from Orthodox Christianity - Islamic scholar

    Michael Wolfe Author of The Hajj: An American's Pilgrimage to Mecca, and One Thousand Roads to Mecca: Ten Centuries of Travelers Writing About the Muslim Pilgrimage. Born of a Christian mother and Jewish father, he is most well known for his documentary on ABC’s Nightline which aired on April 18, 1997 called An American in Mecca.


    Thomas J. Abercrombie - Photographer

    Ivan Aguéli - Artist

    Ali Bey al-Abbasi - Writer, explorer (disputed)

    Muhammed al-Ahari - American, from Christianity, essayist

    Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Canadian Singer/poet, from Christianity

    Lewis Arquette - American film actor, writer and producer.

    Maurice Béjart – Choreographer

    Robert "Kool" Bell - Musician

    Yahya Birt - Journalist and son of former BBC Director General John Birt

    Art Blakey - Musician

    Amir Butler - Australian, a Salafi author

    David Chappelle – Comedian & television star

    Ian Dallas - Writer

    Sumita Devi - (Nilufar Begum) Bangladeshi Actress from Hinduism

    Isabelle Eberhardt - from Lutheran Christianity, 19th century explorer & writer

    John Coltrane prominent jazz saxophonist and composer

    Everlast - American, singer/songwriter

    Alys Faiz - Poet

    Diana Haddad - Lebanese singer from Christianity

    Knud Holmboe - 20th century Danish journalist & explorer

    Abdullah Ibrahim (A. J. Brand) - South African pianist & composer

    Jermaine Jackson (Muhammad Abdul Aziz) - former member of The Jackson 5 and brother of popstars Michael and Janet Jackson

    Maryam Jameelah - from Reform Judaism, essayist, poet, journalist & author

    Sarah Joseph - Commentator on women's issues and editor of emel magazine

    Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood - British, from Protestant Christianity, author

    Daniel Moore - from Christianity, poet

    Preacher Moss - American comedian and comedy writer

    Nadira - Bollywood Actress of Baghdadi Jewish Origin

    Lev Nussimbaum - from Judaism, writer

    Harry St. John Philby - from Anglicanism, Arabist, explorer, writer & British colonial office intelligence operative

    Prince Buster - Musician

    Q-Tip - hiphop MC; former leader of A Tribe Called Quest

    William Abdullah Quilliam - from Christianity, poet, solicitor, ambassador & journalist

    A. R. Rahman ( A.S. Dileep Kumar) – Indian, from Hinduism, music film composer and director

    Yvonne Ridley - British journalist, converted from Anglicanism after being kidnapped by the Taliban [11]

    Scarface - Rapper, producer, from Christianity

    Omar Sharif – Egyptian actor

    Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) - British, from Christianity, musician & singer

    Kamala Suraiya – Indian, from Hinduism, writer

    Idris Tawfiq - British writer, who lives and works in Egypt, was a former Catholic priest

    Danny Thompson - Musician

    Richard Thompson - Musician

    Alexander Russell Webb - American, from Presbyterian Christianity, 19th Century U.S. journalist

    Michael Wolfe - Writer & documentarist


    Rashid al-Din – Persian physician

    Jeffrey Lang - American, Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kansas

    Susanne Osthoff - German archaeologist & former hostage in Iraq

    Tejatat Tejasen - Chairman of the Department of Anatomy and is the former Dean of the faculty of Medicine, University of Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Mehemet Ali - German-born Ottoman general

    Rowland Allanson-Winn, 5th Baron Headley - British soldier

    Józef Bem - Polish-Hungarian general

    Claude Alexandre de Bonneval - French-born Austrian general

    Radu cel Frumos – Wallachian ruler

    Jacques-Francois Menou - French general

    Omer Pasha - From Serbian Orthodoxy, Bosnian general

    Suleiman Pasha - French-born

    Poncke Princen – Dutch soldier

    Rudolf Carl von Slatin - Austrian lieutenant and British colonial administrator (conversion nominal)

    Alexander Litvinenko, lieutenant-colonel in the KGB (Russia's security service

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    The personalities who embraced Islam are like the behaviour of Muhammad pbuh are :

    (1)honest (2)trusted (3)do not bethray (4)gentle(5) humble (6)patient (7)simple and do not live luxuriously (8)not greedy (9)not

    cruel (10)not conceit (11)not telling a lie (12)not miserly give help to other (13)no cheating (14)love other and give smile (15)no hate to other (16) no illfeeling to other (17)pray to God at the right time (18)no bad doings and do good doings(19)always thank to Allah for all of good fates (20)make friendship and make no enemy

    Source(s): Holy Qur'an and Hadeth
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    Yes--Muhamed Ali--alias Clasius Clay-the heavy weigh boxing champion,Abdul Raheem Green alias Anthony Green-the orator of Islam,Cat Stevens alias Yusuf Islam-the greatest singer and music director of all times,Bro Deedat-and Brother Bilal Phillips both who r renowned Speakers on islam,i think they their own site.the mountain of light could give u a glimpse of Yusuf islams entry into islam.Bilal Philipsdubai cud also give u an insight.if u want more--i can get u more info on them--

    Source(s): religion
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    Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) - the video shows how he left his life as a world famous music artist & embraced Islam.,com_...

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    Cat Steven


    Angella Colin

    Michael Jackson

    Gary Miller

    Chaplain Estes

    Youvenne Ridley

    People are coming to the truth of Quran

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    Do you mean like Muhammed Ali (Cashus Clay) or Kareem Abu Jabar (Lou Alcender)?

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    mike tyson, dave chappelle, muhammad ali, tons of rappers. you would think there would be a website somewhere. good luck.

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    Satan, Beelzebub,

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