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Tourist Spots for Rockhounds?

I'm looking for good spots for Rockhounding that are open to the public. An example would be the Quartz Mines in Arkansas where you pay a fee and get to dig for crystals. Quartz is pretty, but I've got plenty and would love some variety. Thank you!

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    You could go to Moab Utah. There is a Fossil and Rock shop on the end of town that will take you out in a Hummer into the desert and you can dig for all kinds of things. People have found Sharks teeth, Dinosaur Bones, gems, geodes, arrow heads, pretty much anything that you can imagine that would be in the southwest ground. These are not planted there, they are just there naturally, they just have a permit to do this.

    The cost is around $40 for the whole group. However many can fit in the Hummer. And you get to keep whatever you find. It's pretty cool.

    Plus there is alot of other stuff there. You can go river rafting, big fun. And there is some pretty good food places and bars in town. As well, there is Arches National Park and Canyonlands right there. So you could go touring around and see all the sites there. Not too far from there, about 2 hour drive is Monument Valley National Park and 4 corners and the Navajo Nation where you can get all kinds of Indian hand made items for great prices. It's a great spot for Rock Hounding and all that goes with it. Have Fun!!

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