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Things to do in Calgary?

A couple girl friends and I are headed up to Calgary for a few days in March during our Spring Break. We were wondering if anyone had any good suggestions of art galleries, museums, shops, clubs/bars, resturants, that sort of thing, we are definately on a budget...

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    There's tonnes of stuff to do here.

    This site has a pretty good list of things you might want to consider doing.

    17th Avenue SW is a pretty popular street, there are lots of shops and restaurants and clubs, 4th Street SW also has lots of bars and 6th Avenue SW there's a couple of clubs/bars.

    Downtown is a pretty good area, there are several shopping centres and Stephen Avenue Mall is a high pedestrian traffic area - the actual street is closed off during certain times of day.

    There's the Glenbow museum which is relatively cheap and a nice way to spend the day indoors and explore the arts & history. There's the Telus Science Centre which is just off Bow Trail SW on the outskirts of the downtown core, there's a skate park right next to it. But you can't come to Calgary and not go to the mountains. If you have a vehicle/a means to get around drive west to Bragg Creek (a very nice town) and into Kananaskis Country, there are lots of little parks all along the kananaskis trail and it brings you right into the foothills. Along the trail there's a park with falls that's pretty neat - lots of hiking trails and such.

    Hope that gives you some ideas. I love this city (although it's grown really fast over the past couple years).

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