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flight following atc B C airspace?

1. When getting flight following outside of regulated airspace how adherent to I have to be to my announced intentions? Can I do a 360 or two around a point and keep on going without calling that in?

2. When requesting flight following am I automatically cleared into B or C airspace, should I expect "clear into class B.../ tail number for C” or do I need to initiate the process?

3. What are some terms I can use when my intentions are to "fly around/sightsee" within restricted airspace B or C? Again, how adherent do I have to be to the original intentions?

4. What is the phraseology of announcing change of intention?

5. Any good sources (besides getting a scanner of liveatc.com) to look up ATC phraseology?


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    1. If you are flying VFR you don't need to announce, but you also should not deviate from your plan for long without announcement.

    2. Assume nothing in this case but confirm the handoff, and say "confirming transition of airspace"

    3. "Deviation from planned flight"

    4. Let atc know your intention and get permission, giving your intended area of flight, approximate time or miles and shape of pattern and altitude, and visibility conditions you are experiencing

    5. My ex did buy a book on radio communications but I don't remember the name of it.

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