to serious skateboarders.......?

what are the best shoes to skate in? i'm a girl but i'm willing to wear guys' shoes. (actually i'd prefer it) just as long as the fit doesn't mess with tricks.


forgot to mention i'm on a budget right now. closer to $50 would be good.....

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    1) Fallen Footwear

    Fallen makes incredible skate shoes. Jamie Thomas owns the company, and has made it clear that he doesn't want to simply make more skateboarding shoes - he want to make high quality premium skate shoes. Take a look at the Fallen Relapse - a re-visit on an old design, with everything you need for skateboarding, plus extra. Fallens are some of my favorite skate shoes to wear.

    2) Vans Skateboarding Shoes

    Vans has been around since the beginning, and they have learned a little along the way. Vans skateboarding shoes are some of the best, easily. From the classic canvas Vans classic slip ons (which I don't recommend for skating unless you know what you're doing, or don't mind replacing them soon) to Vans beefier models, like Geoff Rowley's Rowley XL2s or Dustin Dollin's No Skools. Vans is a core skateboarding company - you can rest comfortably knowing you are buying quality when you buy Vans.

    3) Globe Shoes

    Globe is an Australian skateboarding shoe company that creates great skateboarding shoes with innovative features. My favorite is the Globe CT IV - Chet Thomas signature model. I've never worn a more comfortable shoe. CT4s have memory foam inside that shapes to your foot, and no tongue - you have to see these to understand them. Globe also has the Globe Mullen, the Rodney Mullen pro model skate shoe. Globe also has Gallaz, skateboarding shoes made for girls and women skateboarders.

    4) DC Skateboarding Shoes

    DC Shoe Co USA has been making some of the best skateboarding shoes on the market for years, they have one of the best skateboarding teams assembled, plus DC's new "Super Suede" kicks butt. Check out the latest Josh Kalis Signature Shoe (JK6) featuring Super Suede, AVE's white tiger striped Avenger DXs, or Danny Way's Decades. DC also has an H2Zero line - shoes treated to block out water, snow and slush, with extra tread. Perfect for snowskates and snow days. Check out the DC H2Zero Alias.

    5) Osiris

    If you are looking for the iconic puffy huge skateboarding shoe, you want the Osiris D3 2001s. Oddly, they didn't come out in 2001, that's just a lame name to show you that they're an upgrade to the old Osiris D3s. These skateboarding shoes are huge, comfortable, and very skatable. If you aren't into the puffy style skateboarding shoe, try the Osiris Chino - Jerry Hsu pro model. Chinos are tough, stylish and perfect for skating - they become a favorite of mine, months after testing them out.

    6) etnies

    Etnies have a bright, quick, sleek look, and a skate team with riders like Rune Glifberg, Ryan Sheckler and Elissa Steamer. I'm partial to the etnies Callicut, but most of the etnies skateboarding shoes won't disappoint. They tend to come with wimpy laces, but that's not a good enough reason to not get a pair. Etnies also has great girl's skateboarding shoes, and etnies dumps a lot of money back into the community, giving away tons of shoes every year to the homeless in Southern California.

    7) Emerica

    Emerica makes good skate shoes, and runs a strong skateboarding team with pros like Andrew Reynolds, Tosh Townend, Ed Templeton and Heath Kirchart. Skateboarding shoes like the Emerica Reynolds 2 certainly help, with its solid proven design. Emerica also has some strong designs and style - try the Kirchart 3s or the Templeton 4s, and see what I mean.

    8) Adio

    Adio has both Tony Hawk and Bam Margera endorsed. Funny how much those two's names go together. Bam has the Bam V3 (the Audio Eugene, Adio cKy and Adio Viva are all also by Bam). Tony Hawk has the Adio Tony Hawk V.2. Another good Adio shoe to take a look at is the Wray V4s, designed by pro Jeremy Wray. They come highly recomended.

    9) Nike SB

    Nike Skateboarding (SB) shoes have been bashed for being ugly, Nike has been bashed for edging in on skateboarding, and meanwhile the Nike skateboarding team has been growing, their shoes have been getting better and more refined. The bottom line is, Nike knows how to make shoes, and Nike skateboarding shoes are well made with great features. The Nike Dunk is still the most popular Nike SB shoe all over the planet, while shoes like Paul Rodriguez's P-Rod looks good and skates very well.

    10) IPath

    I-Path has an Earthy style all their own. Check out the I-Path Cats - they claim they're the most comfortable skateboarding shoes around. Full suede upper stained to natural browns with strong stitching and cord laces, the I-Path Cats look almost like moccasins. And that's the idea. Also check out the new I-Path Tams. If you're looking for a more quiet, earthy, or comfortable style, check out I-Path's lineup of skateboarding shoes.

    Good Luck. Hope I Helped;-)

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    Really cool shoes that are great skateboarding shoes, and are for both sexes, are the Nike SB(SkateBoarding) Dunks. A lot of people that wear them don't even skateboard, they're really hot right now. The only downer is that they're pretty expensive ($100-200). I hope I provided some insight! Good luck!

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    if you go on you can get a good pair of EMERICAs fot 55 bucks. also, try going to your nearest kohls and getting a pait of nss. they are great shoes if you buy the right pair, i have ever won a local competition with a pair of those.

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    fallen ,vans , es, osiris, dvs, nike sb, emerica, vox, dc,and lakai.

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