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does any one know about harriet tubman! plz help!?

i have to do a report famous african american in history, do u know of anyone that would be good (besides martin luther king jr)

or if u know info on harriet tubman... please help me , its due in 3 days!

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    Harriet Tubman was an illiterate slave who stole away from her master, then helped other slaves escape via the Underground Railroad. If she'd been caught, she would have been killed.

    Her nickname on the Underground Railroad was Moses because she led so many people to freedom.

    Do a search on the internet for more.

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    Harriet Tubman was a black woman who escaped from being a slave and then worked on the underground railroad to free slaves. A genuine hero.

    This link will give you more than enough info on her...

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    Harriet tubman was a black s,ave that escaped from her owner. She transported many people to canada, where they would be free. well that's kind of a quick summary.

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    Yeah, how about someone unusual like Betty Coleman. Ahhhh....look her up!

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