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wat happened 2 my hampster its still sleeping 4 like 3 days?

im scared his my only friend

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    I'm sorry to have to break the news to you like this, on YAHOO!Answers, but....he's, he's DEAD.

    Or sleeping off a bender! Does he smell like Tequila?? No? Then he's dead.

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    What kind of hamster is it? Syrian hamsters can hibernate at only 60 degrees. There has been far more instances of hibernating hamsters this winter than in the previous few. A hibernating hamster looks very much like a dead hamster and most have been mistaken as being dead by experienced breeders, including myself.

    A hibernating hamster will take only one breath every two minutes and has only three heartbeats a minute. A hibernating hamster will be cold to the touch and are unable to be awaken by handling. You may see slight movements that indicate that the hamster is still alive or you may not see any. A hibernating hamster will be somewhat stiff but still pliable. A hibernating hamster will be rolled in a ball and if you pull the hamster out of the ball position, it will contract back into it.

    Do not put a hibernating hamster near a heat source. This will warm the hamster improperly and cause it to go into shock and die. I have lost all five hamsters I've tried to warm in this fashion. The most effective way I've "pulled" the hamsters out of hibernation is by warming some juice and putting it in a syringe or eye dropper. Then I hold the hamster sideways and slowly trickle a bit of juice across the hamsters tongue making sure it drips out the other side of its mouth and not down the back of its throat. I do this until the hamster swallows a few times. Within a half hour, the hamster is usually coming out of hibernation.

    Once your hamster is out of hibernation, you will want to relocate its cage to a warmer part of the house until winter is over.

    If your hamster is not hibernating, and is not dead, then it may just be sleeping more often due to a number of things, cold, age or illness.


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    If you touch him and he doesn't move, he's dead. If he was 2-3 years old, that's just how it happens-they lay down and don't get up.

    If he's dead, then grieve a bit, clean out the tank and get another if you really enjoyed him and took care of him. If not, then wait till you are in a better place to be a caregiver before getting another pet.

    If he is dead, I'm sorry you lost your pet.

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    Take him out of the cage and see if he's stiff and has a bad smell or not, if he is then he's most likely dead. How warm is the room he's in? They will hibernate when they're cold also. If he is alive, your just not awake or home when he is awake and playing. If your still not sure ask some one to check him for you.

    Make sure and bury him if he is dead, then you can visit his grave when you want to.

    Sorry if he has died.

    Source(s): Owner of 13 Syrians, 10 Russian dwarfs, 2 mice, 2 gerbils, 2 rats,and 1 rabbit. Plus many other pets. Many are rescues.
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    If you have fed and watered or handled your hamster every day. you'd know if the little thing was just sleeping or went to the Big Hamster Wheel in the Sky.

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    that dont last but for 3 years my daughters did the same thing

    she had her 4ever but yea is going so spend alot of time but make sure theres plenty of water

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    Um, is this like a joke or something?

    You posted this in reptiles. You know that, right?

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    Trust me, this has happened to my pet a thousand times. Try shaking it's cage, if that dosen't work try touching it and see if its dead or not.

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    Sounds dead to me. Was he the one who spell checked for you?

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