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airplane converter for plug?

ok so im going on an airplane and in the seats theres a plug in the armrest and i saw in walmart a converter that plugs into that plug and and the other end is a A/V plug. I need it to charge my laptop so whats that name of it and where can i find it

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    Airplanes generally have one of two types of plugs--one is your basic cigarette lighter plug, and the other is called an 'empower' plug (which looks kind of like the plug you use for a keyboard). You can buy a special laptop cord at many computer shops that will be designed to fit in the laptop and both of the airline plugs (it has a small adapter for the empower plug).

    At Walmart, you can buy what is known as a power invertor that allows you to run a standard 110 plug off of a cigarette lighter, but these things weigh a ton (relatively speaking) and are bulky and hard to carry. And you have to take your power cord for the laptop as well, so it really is a true pain.

    If you are serious flier, get a special laptop cord. It's worth the money and it is very light weight.

    Also, check out http://www.seatguru.com/ to see if your seat on the next flight has power. Not all seats do, and some airlines don't use them at all.

    Source(s): Fly weekly with my laptop.
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    I dont know why you would want an Audio/Video plug to charge your laptop... do you mean A/C... or D/C... those can be found at almost any electronics store...

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    Those have the same current as cigarette lighter adaptors for your car. If you have one of those, you're set.

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