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Panicing all day, heart's beating fast i cant calm down?

what should i doo.. i feel horrible.

i dont know why im feeling this way.

i was like this yesterday also, and i couldnt even fall asleep after a couple of hours.

like i cant calm down.. i feel sick :(

should i go to a doctor or something?

ps. im only a teen age 15.

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    I know it's scary right now, but you need to try to relax yourself. Go for a walk...excersise. I know it sounds stupid, but it helps.

    To help you with your heart beating, take your pulse and count how many beats per minute your heart is beating. It truly helps. It should be in the range of 80-90 beats per minute (resting)

    Know that you are not alone. MANY people get this and you need to research and that alone helps calm you.

    I had a terrible one, one that I'll never forget and I didn't even know what was happening until I grabbed a medical book and found that it was common. It's your body's "fight or flight" syndrome at work. For some reason, (stress, recent death, just hearing something scary can trigger it) your body seems to think that it's in danger...but your not. You are safe and there is nothing to be afraid of. What helped me (and still does when I start feeling like this) is to think "I've felt like this before" and it seems to help me rationalize what's going on. "Yes, I've had headaches like this before"...and so on and soon you will be able to relax yourself. You have a world of info right in front of you. Use it to educate yourself. If it would make you feel better, go to the doc's and see what they have to say. Get a check up to make sure that everything's alright. Know that this will pass and you'll be back to your old self again in no time. Write down what's been bothering you. This helps alot too. Lie down and relax all of your body from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes and think of nothing but doing this inch by inch of your body. Youll find yourself asleep nore than likely!! LOL

    Just relax. You're fine. Let your body know your fine too. Educate yourself.

    I hope this helps you!!

    Good Luck!!

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    First you should tell your parents. Panic attacks can feel like a heart attack. They can cause you to feel nauseous, sweaty, like you are going to pass out. I know they can be very scary. Can you identify anything in your life that is really tough right now? Something at school? Are your parents divorcing or fighting? Is there something personal going on that is stressing you out? Are you maybe in some sort of trouble that you can't see a way out of? Panic attacks are very real so be sure to tell some adult what you are feeling and ask them to help you. You should probably see your doctor just to talk about what is going on? If you can't talk to your parents consider a school counselor. Or your pastor. Or the parents of a very good friend? Or a coach. Good luck. In the meantime, try to find a calm, peaceful area. Breathe deep. Listen to some calming music. I hope you feel better.

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    Go to a doctor. It sounds like a panic attack. Try focusing on something else (not easy I know)This is what works for me:

    If it's time to sleep and I can't stop my brain from the panic I pick a subject like bands and then name a band beginning with each letter of the alphabet. After about 3 rounds I can usually sleep.

    If it a time to be awake I listen to music and count the number of times they say the word "the " in a song or count red cars on the road if in a car.

    Not dwelling on the feeling is the key to letting it pass.

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    Sorry that you are feeling so bad. Are you stressed from school? If you are drinking caffeine it would help to stop and try to drink water instead. Talk to your parents about this. It may be generalized anxiety disorder or something else. We can't know these things a doctor needs to do the diagnosis. In the meantime try some chamomile tea and try breathing exercises to help calm you down. Hot cocoa and a good book at bedtime and talk with your mom and dad it will help you feel better. I wish you all the best.

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    'When in doubt, get it checked out.' It may be anxiety or something else so please tell your mom or dad and perhaps they can at least call your dr, if not, take you to the ER just to get checked over. I have severe anxiety so I know about the heart beating really fast (which btw, I had a severe panic attack last year and went to the er and thankfully, that's all that it was and not a heart problem). It doesn't necessarily mean that you have a heart problem or not, but you gotta get it checked out especially since you're suffering from the worry of the fast heartbeat. Feel better and more at ease soon :)

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    Sounds like anxiety, pure and simple. A quick fix would be some good exercise, until you work up a sweat. It will get endorphins working in your system, and naturally calm you down.

    If this is something you go through often, talk to your parents, and your doctor, as my son, who is also 15, suffers from anxiety too, and it's not easy to deal with. He takes medication for anxiety that's been prescribed for him, and also meditates and exercises, that works really well for him.

    Good luck!

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    Your just having a panic attack you'll be okay but you really should go and talk to a doctor about this. They have some excellent meds that they never had when I was your age so see a doctor before it gets worse.

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    It sounds like you are suffering from a panic attack, possibly caused by panic disorder. I would make an appointment with a psychologist. This type of thing can usually be cured without meds.

    Source(s): I have panic disoder.
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    It sounds like you are having a panic attack, talk to your doctor. for tonight, try some deep breathing, slowly through your nose, exhale slowly through your mouth. Have a nice hot bath with some candles and just relax with some deep breathing, and if you have epsom salts for your bath that will help to soothe you too. good luck God bless and put angels on your pillows.

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    This sounds like the classic anxiety attack aka Panic Attack, if you go to the Dr he can give you something to make you feel "normal" again...

    Go to the link I have provided, that may help.

    Hope you feel better

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