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Are the A's the most underrated team in MLB?

Every year, Oakland puts out a solid product even though stars leave right their contracts run out. Yet no one ever seems to give Oakland its due props. All the attention goes to how good the Angels are, blah blah. Oakland can't even get any love in the Bay, everyone talks about the Giants especially "The Sports Leader"!


Sorry I mean this question to be in the baseball category. The last question I asked was a football question and Yahoo apparently defaults to the category you were last in. I didn't double check it.

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    YES no doubt about it

    They field competitve things by having the Brian Cashman anti-christ]

    Billy Beane.

    Thanks Billy !

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    Who are the A's and what is MLB, why is this question in FOOTBALL, and no they are not underrated. Everyone knows the A's always have a solid team, they just dont have enough to push them to the next step. Like the colts in football, they always made it to the playoffs, and are always good, but needed something extra to get it done. A's will win a WS within 3 years.

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    Right. Every year the A's put out a solid product, every year they make their second half charge, and every year they fizzle out in the playoffs. Win something, even if just the pennant, and you will get your "due props".

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    i think this is the football section but I'm sure there's one for baseball too

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    yes they are.

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