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what parts do you eat on a crustacean?

i need to know what parts you eat on a crustacean its for a class im taking

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    In crustaceans like a lobster or crab you would eat the meat from the body and tail, the meat from the limbs or claws, discard any inner organs, gills,etc., discard the vein in the tail, the shell is not edible but can be used to make a stock,

    There are crustaceans like the woodlouse that I wouldn't suggest eating.

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    Some cultures eat the whole thing! We, being more refined and much more picky, tend to eat only the crem de la creme. Legs and claws (crab) sometimes the tomale (crab), tail and claws (lobster), claws and body (crawfish), and in some areas, the whole thing is cooked up, eyes and all, and munched down like yesterdays oatmeal! Anyway, to each his own!

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    the insides.

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