Why the US Goverment still supporting Israel :?

From 1948 till now all the consecutive US Goverments had the same strategy( we must support israel ) .

Why all of this supporting ? are the afraid from them , Or maybe the israelian ruling america , if u look to this blinde support u can imagen that the US presidents are 100% Israelian citizens .

So what do u think :

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    Well, Israel isn't really our 'friend' no matter what lies they say. And, the US govt has a majority of Jews in power, never mind they are really a religious minority over here.

    There are many coverups, like israel bombing the USS Liberty (and yes they knew it was a US ship), the US media is controlled by them as well as our movie industry (try looking for a US made movie about the plight of the refugees in Palestine, good luck!).


    More examples of our "ally" and their treacheries: http://www.ameu.org/

    Then there is that 9/11 thing that was swept under the rug via the media. Why did those Israeli spies know about it ahead of time in order to set up a cam corder and videotape the planes hitting into the WTC and CHEERING about it?!?! Pretty SICK. And, what happened to the spies? They were only sent back to israel.

    http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/fiveisraelis.htm... (BTW, I remember seeing the original story on ABC's website).

    Then there is the Balfour doctrine, which England and the Jews drew up to illegally give the Jews Palestinian land (in exchange the Jews who were in the govt in the US already helped get the US into WW2 so England could save face).


    In the US, the Jewish people are always portrayed either as 'heroes" or "victims" and "persecuted' throughout history. Everyone is always 'beating up' on them. And yet no one asks the question as to the REAL reason why they are being 'persecuted'. Maybe because they bring it on themselves by not learning from the mistakes their country makes.

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    Israel builds a modern army, a modern industrial base, and feeds their own people while establishing a democracy in the middle east.

    These activities look a lot more "American" than what the Muslims in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebannon, and Saudi Arabia have been doing. It's a very easy sell for the Israelis to present themselves as far more able and sane partners in the middle east than a people who keep 1/2 of their population in Bee Keeper suits. The United States adopted genteel customs towards women about three hundred years ago, before we even established our nation, and those traditions look at the way women (1/2 of the Middle East by population) and are repulsed.

    If Muslim countries treated their women as equals, adopted secular democracies, and started using model armies instead of terrorist groups, the United States might soften their position on Israel, and Israel might have a harder time selling that the middle east is full of a bunch of barbarians who lack culture, grace and industrial capability.

    Until then, Israel has shopping malls and high literacy rates, which do hide a lot of the other ugliness.

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    Americans always keep asking the stupid question 'Why does everybody hate us?'. The reason for this is that Americas blind support for Zionist Fascism in Palestine is the reason the Zionists are so agressive there and why the Arabs hate the US so much. America is the only country with the power to make Israel resove this conflict yet it refuses to do so. The US stays silent on Israeli mass murder against Palestinians and the Apartheid style occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Shame on the US for its blind support for Zionist Fascism

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    I think alot there are alot of Jewish people that own us companies and businesses that have influence over greedy politicians the also own alot of the media outlets not to mention the facts that we are just flat out allies.But as for you saying the US is afraid or being rules by Israel is absurd if they ever came between our sovereignty that would be the end of it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it is pretty simple really, the REAL BIG money boys support Israel, so the government does too. Everyone knows that the government we see is not the true government. We live by the golden rule, he who has the gold, rules.

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    Meggido Abbadon

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    Don't you know...the U.S. supports practically everyone else with our hard-earned tax dollars...much easier to send it somewhere else rather than keep our own support here where it might actually do some good and be (OMG) appreciated. As long as our huddled masses are too weak from sickness and malnutrition, they can't make too much noise, but start taking care of them instead of the rest of the world, and they'll start to feel better and finally start giving you their opinions. Can't have that, now, can we?

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    I think your being silly actually. Until both sides can follow the rules(that YOU set in treaties agreed too) and stop trying to "get" each other. There's no need to even ask until this fundamental issue is taken seriously and addressed.

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    LOL you "starred" your own question? Simple answer, since 1948 it was the ONLY democracy in the area.

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    Because the USA helped create Israel.. they own them.

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