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How does the postal service deliver mail in rural areas w/o street addresses? What do they use for addresses?

Is there another kind of code or route number other than a street address?

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    It probably depends on the state, but Wisconsin does use a variation of a street address, even rurally. It's a number given out so that fire departments can find and serve rural populations. The address includes a reference to the street, county trunk, or highway the residence is on.

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    Well in Canada anyway there are RR#'s RR means rural route .

    These are not very populated and the mail person ussually knows all the names on his or her route -

    The name of the family is on the side of the box any way .

    They are putting somthing (for a long time now) called emergency tags at the end of farm properties

    This leads to one family having three addresses and is being sorted out .

    1 Adress for the post man (RR # 1 )

    2 For the tax man being a lot and consesion # with an often non existant township listed

    3 An emergency tag at the end of the driveway for police and ambilance should an emergency occur .

    So a farm address ends up being

    Lot 5 Con 2 County of Smith Township of Smithville

    RR # 1 Jones Town

    2354 Bob St

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    They use Route #'s and Box #'s.

    Such as Route 4, Box 64

    Sleepy Hollow, MO -- plus whatever the Zip Code is.

    I know for sure because I once lived in such a place.

    So, the mailboxes must have the Box Number on them, at least.

    The Route #'s are organized by the Post Office, not necessarily the same name as the State or County Road number. But sometimes they could be, I imagine.

    I think I have seen some addresses in this style too:

    RFD 13, Box 707

    Green Dragon, TX etc. "RFD" means "rural free delivery."

    If you are a new rural resident, you will need to check with your local Post Office as to what your box number will be.

    You will also need to INSTALL a box.

    Some counties and CANADA have newer regulations for Mailbox setback from the road and construction specs. Some places in Canada have outlawed massive brick constructions and the like.

    The address system given is what I have seen in the USA.

    Canada may be different, probably is.

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    Don't deliver to business districts on Saturday. Maybe in New York there are predominately Jewish zip codes that wouldn't miss the mail on Saturdays either. In Detroit is there a predominantly Muslim neighborhood that could do without Friday delivery? They should cut back to 5 days a week, but tailor the non delivery day to the neighborhood, that way, there will be more efficiency. Also if the deliver days were staggered, postal vehicles could still be used 6 days a week rather than just 5 so they wouldn't have to buy as many which would save $ in the long run too. I do have Netflix so this makes Netflix less valuable to me, also I receive the Economist Magazine and Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine, both arrive on Saturday now, will they pump out the issues faster for Friday delivery or will I be waiting until Monday?

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    When I grew up in the country our address was the postal address, being called rural route one then whatever the box number was on that route, we had the 110th box, so our address was RR1 Box 110. Now houses have actual street numbers for emergency service. We became a number with the road name, such as 123 Jones Street. The number posted clearly on the mailbox out next to the road

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    Yes, there are route numbers. I'm on Rural Route Two in my township and I have a box number - so addressing a letter to me, you'd put my name on the envelope, then RR 2, Box 124 on the second line and the town and state on the third line.

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    Actually, because of 911 necessity, our rural areas now have actual street addresses. I think this is becoming more common than the old rural route addresses.

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    Sure, There's RR!, RR2, etc. There's also box numbers, but most important the carriers know the names and locations of the people on their route.

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    Post Office Boxes

    Or reference from neighbours.

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    and in very small cities (like Avalon, California) there is no mail

    carrier deliving the mall, all the mail just go to the post office boxes

    everyone has one there

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