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Can a bike have a gender?

A friend of a friend referred to her bike as "she", surely a bike can't have a gender, can it?

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    Of course. Where do you think baby bikes come from?

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    A bike can't have a gender, but it can be made or adapted for either gender.

    A bike made for a male will have a crossbar that is parallel to the ground, and a man's saddle.

    A bike made for a female will have a crossbar that slopes down towards the pedals, and will have a woman's saddle. The angled crossbar allowed a woman to ride a bike with some degree of modesty while still wearing a skirt or dress.

    And those saddles are very, very different.

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    Depends on what you mean by gender:

    If you mean a sexual gender; no

    If you mean that there are bikes for men and for women, then yes

    If you mean as a grammatical gender, then yes; we call a ship a she, a engine a she, and so on, same with the bike.

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    It's a mode of transport, so the answer is yes it can! It's more common for men to give them a gender but we girls do it too! Even a push bike!

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    Yeah mine's a he.

    Feel a bit strange riding a man as opposed to a women, but it seems I have no choice. It's a very masculine bike. Matt black racing bike that likes the rough stuff and doesn't like people overtaking.

    (OK that last one may be my influence)

  • JAN
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    There is an extra elevated bar, from the seat to handle bars on a boys bike and non on a girls bike. It seems backwards to me considering a male's and female's anatomy but that's the way they are.

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    A bike is an inanimate object. Like beauty it is in the eyes of the beholder. For example for generations men have named their cars, trucks, motor cycles, etc with female names.

    I myself, many many moons ago, named my first brand new vehicle Ralph. It was to prove a point to male co-workers and it caught on. So now my last vehicle was named Ralph Jr.

    No harm no foul.

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    in reality no... a bike is an inanimate object and cannot have a gender.. but people tend to give inanimate objects genders and names like: Sarah and Mike..... The person you're talking about could call her bike Betty! In proper English, however, one refers to an inanimate object with the word "it."

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    Yes, back in the day a boys bike had a straight bar across the top and a girls had one that went down towards the crank

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    Some languages have gender specific "names" for objects. The word "bicycle" is feminine in French and Spanish I do believe.

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