In the movie Titanic starting Leonardo Dicaprio was it true that there was a man named Jack Dawson?

if yes, where can i find info on him? .. like wikipedia or something

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    Jack was pure fiction. Sorry to burst your bubble but while there may have been people on Titanic traveling with someone else's ticket, there's no historical evidence that a character like Jack Dawson was actually on the Titanic.

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    Jack Dawson vs J. Dawson

    The gravestone carrying number 227 at Fairview Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia bears the date of the sinking and the inscription of a name: "J. Dawson." Since the film came out in 1997, this grave has frequently been mistaken for the grave of Jack Dawson, Leonardo DiCaprio's character who never existed. James Cameron, the film's director, claimed he didn't know there was a "J. Dawson" on board when he named the character. The "J." stands in fact for "James", who was a crewmember on the Titanic's maiden voyage. Nevetheless, the grave has since then been visited by thousands of fans, leaving flowers, candles, cards, pictures and even hotel keys

    long read but check it out!

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    That was the name of Leo's character, who is not a historical figure. There also happened to be a man who died on the real Titanic (you are aware that the Titanic tragedy is a real event, I trust) and is buried in a Titanic cemetary in, I believe, Nova Scotia, and the name on his tombstone is "J. Dawson". A lot of rather dumb people flocked up there to see and decorate the grave, which has nothing to do with the movie.

    Go to and look up Titanic and you can read about the Jack Dawson character. He is not a real person.

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    Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater were completely fictionaly, however there was a real J. Dawson. The J., though, stands for James. He was on the Titanic and is burried in Halifax Cemetary (a memorial for Titanic passengers) which I believe is in Canada.

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    although most of the info in that movie is true, the characters of rose and jack are fictional

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    no.and don't ever trust wikipedia because there's this thing where anyone can edit the question and make it false. the facts i mean, not the question.

    Source(s): but i love the movie.
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    no he was a make believe character but the lady was real in life

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    yea he was real and grizzly adams had a beard

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