what is the role of special intrest groups in the creation of public opinion?

follow up ? what is their relation to the

PR industry? how is it bias? and Why to all above?'s

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    There are all kinds of special interest groups, so it is rather difficult to generalize. However, I will try to do just that.

    Businesses often have a financial stake in legislation, so they push tax and spending laws that will help them. Of course, they try to do it in a way that makes them look good. Oil companies print adds boasting how much they have done to protect the environment and proclaiming that they have the solution to energy independence. Military contractors may play on a more local level, emphasising the large number of employees they have in a given area--national defense and national priorities be damned.

    Such busniess-oriented groups have lots of money to make themselves look good. On the other hand, there are labor unions and citizen groups that do not have much money. Therefore, they have to mobilize their members to get the word out on issues they are concerned about. The growth of the Internet is offering new opportunties for citizens to organize and speak out, which is one reason why big business is so concerned about eliminating net neutrality.

    That is a good example of private interests vs. public. If a few large corporations can control the Internet, they will not only make a lot of money at our expense, but they will effectively stiffle the free access you and I have to express our opinions. They argue that it will make the system more efficient, hiding their true motives. They also are hiding behind a bias that most people have against government regulation.

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