jamaica sales tax?

iam want'ing to move from america to jamaica but what is the sales tax?

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    The sales tax there or GCT government income tax is set at 16% on most goods and services,interest rates are at 12% and is said by the central Bank of Jamaica( BOJ ) it's falling,however due to the fact that its an election year,anything is possible in the future,also inflation fell to an all time low at 5% to 6% in more than 20 years.

    Major economic activities,Remittances,tourism,bauxite and servies which account for more than 60% in its real economy,growth is expected to be above the 2% mark for the first time in years,but we shall see.

    Please follow the Jamaican Economic back ground in the Jamaica GLEANER and The Jamaica Observer in their financial report of the economy,that will appear on Sundays that give more detail,Wednesdays and on Fridays that talk about the top financial stories of week,in review,these papers are avialable online.

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    The sales tax in Jamaica is currently 16.5%.

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