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What can you tell me about Indianapolis, IN?

I'm looking to move soon and one of our option is Indianapolis. Is there anyone out there who can give me any info on what it's like to live there? Thanks!!

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    I was born and grew up in Indianapolis and lived there for many years before I moved due to my job. Many of my family members and friends still there and I go back frequently.

    Indianapolis is a good place to live and work. It has a pretty prosperous economy, focused mainly in the bio-sciences, health care, education, and government fields. It has a lively and attractive downtown which has seen ongoing revitalization and development for the past 30 years or so--there are many very nice historic neighborhoods near downtown.

    Some of the more attractive residential neighborhoods are on the north side of the city once you get north of 38th Street. Butler Tarkington, Meridian-Kessler, Broad Ripple, Meridian Hills, Williams Creek, Brendonwood, are all very lovely neighborhoods with many beautiful historic homes and some newer ones mixed in. The far northwest side, near Eagle Creek Park and far northeast side near Geist Reservoir have large homes along manmade lakes. Some of the neighborhoods on the north side are quite exclusive, and some of the homes can be fairly expensive compared to the rest of the city. Although Indianapolis remains the most affordable major housing market in the country--for six consecutive years in a row.

    Many people live in the northern suburbs of Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Zionsville. All these areas have good schools and very attractive neighborhoods. Carmel and Zionsville tend to be rather affluent areas and housing generally costs more than in other areas.

    The south side of the city proper has some charming historic neighborhoods--for example Garfield Park area, etc. Also, there are many nice newer areas near the Southport area, etc. Many people live in the prosperous suburbs on the southside in Johnson County, such as Greenwood, Franklin, etc.

    The areas of the city which are the most troubled economically and have problems in some parts with crime are the west and east sides (and parts of the near north side--just north of downtown--around about 25th street until 38th street--although, redevelopment is spreading out of downtown into this area, too.) However, on the far east side Irvington still remains a very charming historic neighborhood and farther east Cumberland has maintained its historic charm and seen a lot of redevelopment. The eastern suburbs do not have a huge amount of growth, although Greenfield in Hancock County has grown a lot and is a nice town (with some nice newer developments). The western suburbs have been booming for sometime. Plainfield, Avon, Brownsburg, etc. in Hendricks county have seen tremendous growth. Avon is known for being pretty affluent, although it does not have the same appeal as Carmel or some of the other northern suburbs--however, it is more affordable and a very nice place to live.

    Indianapolis has a surprising amount of arts and culture. There are many very nice arts and civic institutions, like the Museum of Art, the State Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum, etc. Also, the city has a lot of nice regional theatres, a good restaurant scene, and several nice public parks.

    I would do some research about the neighborhoods on the web and then take a trip out to the city with your family to see if it is a good fit. I think you will find it to be a good place to live.

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    The weather is pretty clean most of the time but there are tornado's in southern IN once a year or so. that's the true bad thing about Indy. if you live in Central Indiana or norther Indiana your fine. Other than that the weather is nice a little rainy but not a lot of snow. The people in Indianapolis are kinda busy when walking down the street but when you so to someplace where they are going anywhere they very nice and are willing to talk and whatever. houses are cheap because there is no really big rush to Indy as like compared to CA, Chicago or something. Schooling is good if you have kids. If you live in the right area then, like any place, you have nice people and houses. I cant think of anything else except the colts just wont the Superbowl. I like that.

    Source(s): I'v lived her 15 years.
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    Well I live in Bloomington IN which is about 45 mins from Indianapolis. It is a very big city. I would suggest not living in Indianapolis but around it. Greenwood is very close about 20 mins and it is safer as of Kid wise. The IPS (which is the school system) from what I hear is always looking for teachers. Bloomington which is where I am from is a nice town. We have diversty and for the most part a good school system. If you would like to know more about Indiana in general you can go to (I believe, but google Indianapolis, Indiana and it has a website that you can look at.) We are the home of the COLTS which right now everything in Indy (Indianapolis) also know as Nap is Blue and White. Let me know if this helps

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    Indy covers a large area. You can find a lot of more "suburban" areas to live and still have access to downtown. The area is booming and there are so many new housing areas as well as any shopping you want. The Indianapolis Children's Museum is awsome and is rated #1 in the country! There are too many resources to list! I think you would really like it here!

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    I live in Carmel which is about 10-15 minutes north of downtown Indianapolis. I've grown up in Indiana and though I used to hate it, I've definitely grown to appreciate it. Indianapolis has amazing sports teams, a very nice downtown area, many large malls (Circle Center downtown is huge and The Fashion Mall has nice places like Saks and Coach), we have amazing arts programs such as the symphony orchestra which is one of the best in the nation and many wonderful theatres as well as getting many travelling broadway shows, we have very nice little towns like Zionsville and downtown Carmel and a wonderful arts district called Broadripple ... we have world class restaraunts, a wonderful zoo and one of the best children's museums in the nation ... as far as entertainment goes, we get a lot of tours that come through of great musicians and artists like Dave Mathews, Paul McCartney and the list goes on ... we of course, also have many clubs and bars downtown Indianapolis and Broadripple if that's your thing ... basically ... Indianapolis is a wonderful well-rounded city that has a lot to offer!!

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    The Indianapolis 500 takes place there every Memorial Day weekend.

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    forget approximately the north facet... And forget approximately Broadripple till you basically grew to become 21 and are only getting a flavor of the club scene. flow to Greenwood, it rather is on the south facet. There you will discover low-budget studio residences like Valle Vista Armes, and Clearview. i've got lived in Clearview and characteristic had friends that lived in Valle Vista. additionally Honey Creek on a hundred thirty five isn't undesirable. stay removed from Westminster (undesirable crime). Greenwood has maximum of what human beings choose. a lot of procuring, countless bars (2 of that are good), an innumerable volume of restuarants, friendly human beings, and its lots extra fee-effective to stay than the north facet. do no longer permit those human beings inform you that the north facet is the only place to stay. they are many times snobbish and not as friendly. additionally Greenwood is like 15 minutes from downtown, and has a lots decrease crime fee than the east or west factors which could be prevented. you will savour Indy in case you like activities, superb ingesting, and Bars. Thats why I enjoyed residing there for twenty-four years

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    I'm on the west side of Indy

    Depends on what you are looking for...area has great shopping, entertainment, sports & restaurants.

    People are friendly and you do get crime, but doesn't everyplace.

    Weather is either very hot or very cold, and I personally hate Indiana winters but I wouldn't move out of this state for anything

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    I live about 80mi. away from there and used to work/live there.

    The east side is kind of rough the south side is industrial,

    Best places to live is west or north. It's basically like any big city.

    A madhouse at rush hour. A lot of people work in Indy and live in a nearby town. Oh, and they have Whitecastles!!!

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    yeah!im in indi right now typing this answer.mostly a city with a huge shopping mall.I love indi!

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